Make Prize Wheels for Corporate Parties Using Foamboard

A corporate picnic is a perfect way to get all the employees out of formal clothes and into a more personal setting. It is a good way to foster good bonding. This will create a positive vibe in the work environment, thereby enhancing the overall work productivity. To organize a successful corporate party and for maximum participation of the employees, you need to plan several engaging games. Merely focusing on good food and ambiance is not enough! 

Make a prize wheel using colored  foamboard or pvc sheets at your corporate picnic to give employees an opportunity to take their turn at a spin to win exciting prizes. This is the simplest and most cost-effective way to add fun to the party. This prize wheel will also inform the employees as to what they can win. So, what are you waiting for? Make this fun-filled game today to add more enjoyment in your party! You will need certain things like a pencil, the right cutting tool, foamboard, etc. You can even make foamboard posters to enhance the decorations and give a fun-loving feel to the ambiance. You can use foamboard to make several other games as well.

Make sure you use quality foamboard in making a prize wheel game. Get the unsurpassed quality material at Foamboardsource. Foamboard is a versatile material, having a myriad of exceptional features and uses in countless applications. Many people are inclined to use it due to its beneficial characteristics, such as light weight, long-lasting, strong, and supple. It is available in an extensive number of types, including:
  • Colored foamboard
  • Sintra PVC
  • Gatorfoam board
  • Flame resistant boards
  • Cake boards
  • Reflective
  • Rynoboard foamcore
  • Acid-free
  • JetMount
  • Presentation boards
  • Styrene-faced
  • Dry erase boards
  • Acrylic boards
  • Coroplast
Each of these foamboards has exceptional characteristics, properties and affordable prices. Each is used for particular applications. Get good information about them to be able to buy the specific one that caters to your requirements. For example, Gatorfoam board is used for digital and screen printing and vinyl graphics. It is a composite sandwich made of extruded polystyrene foamboard bonded between two wood-fiber veneer sheets. It is harder than regular foamboard and resistant to scratches and dents. Get it in any thickness and color, including white, natural (a light brown), and black. Also, Gatorfoam board is lighter than Sintra PVC. So, buy Gatorfoam today for your work application. 

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Foamboard can be used to create diverse do-it-yourself projects, like displaying posters and notices, creating engaging artwork, making photo frames, etc. Decorate your kids’ rooms by making foamboard posters, and hang them on any of their walls. Also, make attractive photo frames using this material to augment the grace of the space. The best thing about is that you can get it tailored to your needs depending on your work requirements. Also, it is affordable and will not empty your pocketbook. Take your creativity to a new level by making diverse items using foamboard.

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