Want to Know the Details about PVC Foamboard? Here's an Article to Help you Out!

Foamboard is a robust and lightweight material that can be easily cut with a right cutting tool. It can be used for numerkous applications like mounting prints and photographs and as backing in picture frames.

Cut the foamcore into any shape you like and add embellishments to make it look more attractive. Use it for interior design work and architectural models. You can even make photo frames. Keep beautiful memories alive forever by making customized photo frames using foamboard.

Foam board has three layers; the inner layer is polystyrene or polyurethane foam sandwiched by a white clay coated paper.

It is available in different types such as self-adhesive PVC, pressure sensitive PVC, acid-free, flame-resistant, presentation, acrylic, and many more. In this article, we will discuss the details of PVC foamboard. So, let’s get started!

PVC foamboard can be extensively used for various applications. Its chemical composition is polyvinyl chloride. Whether you run an advertising, building or furniture business, you can certainly use this type of foamboard.

PVC foamboard is lightweight and moisture and corrosion resistant. It is also resistant to chemicals and has low water absorption. It comes as self-adhesive PVC, pressure sensitive PVC, etc. Each of these has certain characteristics that make it unique and useful for particular applications.

Self-adhesive PVC does not require any external pasting material. It is coated with cold adhesive; just peel it off and use it for your mounting project. It comes in different sizes and thicknesses. Pressure-sensitive PVC foamboard comes with a permanent adhesive. It is ideal for laminating items like photos, blueprints, canvas, etc. 

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The foamboard has a cold mount pressure activated mounting substrate containing thermoplastic adhesives. It is dry and has synthetic adhesives that are clean, easy to use, and odorless; it uses no solvents, has a neutral pH, and is chemically inert. Get the best quality pressure sensitive PVC, self-adhesive PVC, and other types of foamboard at Foamboardsource. You can easily engrave, crush, imprint, paint, and laminate the foamboard according to your requirements. The best thing about foamboard is that it does not decay over time and the colors do not fade. Below are some of the main characteristics of PVC foamboard:
  • Fire resistant, water proof and unaffected by moths, acid, heat, light, etc.
  • Ideal substitute for aluminum, wood and other composites
  • Superior quality used for diverse projects
  • Surface resistant to dents
  • Resistant to mold and mildew and has non-moisture absorbency
  • Texture is light and portable
  • It is flame retardant and self-extinguishing
  • Colors of the foamboard are long lasting with minimal fading
These are some of the exceptional features of PVC foamboard. If you are looking for the best place to get superior quality and affordable foamboard, then nothing can replace our site at Foamboardsource.com. Shop to get the best quality foamboard at cost-effective prices.

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