PVC Foamboard is the Necessity of Modern Times

Used for numerous personal and commercial applications, foamboard is an efficient, versatile, and low- cost material. Many people are inclined towards it due to its numerous uses. It is available in various forms, including PVC, Gatorfoam, presentation, self-adhesive, and many more. Foamboard can be cut into desired shapes using the right cutting tool. You can get even edges and the required shape with the correct equipment.  

PVC foamboard is a sturdy and durable material that can accomplish various domestic as well as commercial projects. PVC foamboard exhibits several key features that make it robust and long-term. It is resistant to moisture, weathering, heat, impact, acid and alkali. All these characteristics makes it ideal for almost all kinds of purpose.

Foamboard can be used for fabricating office partitions in already-constructed structures. It is very easy to add and remove this material as needed. In addition, it can be used in the advertising industry to display posters. You can use PVC foam in shopping malls and hotels to enhance their architectural decoration. Below are some of the types of PVC foamcore that can be used to serve different purposes, including:

Pressure-sensitive Sintra PVC foamboard: This self-adhesive foamboard is a very, durable PVC sheet that can be used for photo mounting. You just have to peel and mount! Get it in a myriad of thicknesses, including 1, 2, 3, 6, and 13 mm. PVC foamcore comes as one-sided self-adhesive and two-sided Sintra. Sintra PVC is also available without any adhesive.  It is tough, heavy, resistant to dents, and can be used for diverse applications. In comparison to Gatorfoam, PVC is heavier and can be bent slightly.

Self-adhesive coated PVC board: It is a very durable sheet, best for photo mounting. All you must is remove the release liner and mount. You can also get it without pressure-sensitive coating.

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Sintra PVC foamboard: This is also an extremely durable PVC sheet that can be used for extensive purposes, like photo mounting, display construction, etc. This material is ideal for making decoration items. What are you waiting for? Enhance the grace of your house by making various embellishment. This foamboard material can also be utilized for making photo frames.

Contrasted to other materials, PVC foamboard can be coated, printed on, or made into diverse colors. It is an excellent alternative to typical wood materials and cardboards, and all its beneficial characteristics make it stand out as the perfect option for many uses.

Use Quality Foamboard to Make a Tailored Cake Holder

Foamboard is a strong, durable, and well-known material that has been widely used for a plethora of commercial and personal applications. It is a flexible substrate that can be cut into desired shapes with the right cutting tools. Foamboard is also called foamcore and you can make countless DIY craft projects with it. 

This versatile and light-weight substrate comes in diverse types, including black and white, colored foamboard, Gatorfoam, acid-free, Sintra PVC, JetMount, presentation and acrylic boards. Every substrate has its unique features and is ideal for particular applications.

PVC foamboard has a chemical composition of polyvinyl chloride. It has low water absorption and is resistant to chemicals, moisture and corrosion. The PVC foam surface can be engraved, painted, printed, milled, embossed, and laminated depending on the job requirements. Moreover, its color does not fade for a long time.

Use quality PVC foamboard to make tailored cake holder. Design it in any size and shape. Decorate it with the beautiful colored papers to augment the appearance of this masterpiece. Making a cake holder is very easy and will not consume enormous time. Make sure you keep all your supplies at hand to save time, such as pencils, glue, PVC foam, colored paper, etc. This way you will avoid all inconveniences. Use the right cutting equipment to fashion the foamboard into the desired shapes. Also, take the dimensions properly when making the desired size cake stand. 

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This is but one of the applications of PVC foam. Use it to make photo frames, wall art, display posters, mount prints and photographs, and make decorative items. Save your hard-earned money by using this substrate to make a cake stand. Just remember to use the right type of foam board for this application. Below are important considerations to help you streamline the selection process:
  • Choose the right foamboard- As you know, foamcore is available in diverse types and picking the right one is key when making a desired project. If you are looking for a substrate to mount pictures, choose self-adhesive boards. Read all the properties and features beforehand.
  • Right size and thickness of PVC foamboard- The substrates are available in different sizes and thicknesses like 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 6 mm, or 13 mm. Pick the right size and thickness depending on your precise requirements.
Note that these are the vital considerations to keep in mind to make a particular application. Foamcore and all of its various configurations are in great demand because of its exceptional features and multiple uses.

Photos Prints on Foamboard- A Great Idea to Enhance the Complete Aura

Foamboard is one of the most well-known and versatile materials that is widely used in the present day advertising industry. It delivers cost-effective and supreme quality solutions for businesses as well as individuals in all fields. With features such as long-lasting, sturdy, and affordable price, foamboard remains the perfect material for people with all-encompassing projects and constrained budgets who do not want to compromise quality in any way. It is an appropriate substrate that will guarantee optimum results. It is vital to know whether foamboard is a smart choice for the photo prints or not. The following points will clear all your doubts:

Photo Prints on Foamboard: Outstanding Quality

Due to its outstanding quality and usefulness, it can be used for unsurpassed quality photo printing and in the workspace for board meeting presentations. One type, Gartorfoam, is best for indoor art projects, demanding highly consistent images and an amazing finish. Companies as well as individuals select it to make cost-effective yet engaging pieces of art to enhance interior spaces. Gatorfoam is available in different colors, including black, white, a natural finish, etc. It comes in several types:
  • Plain Gatorfoam: This is one of the most popular, known for its versatility. If your project demands high stability and durability, then go for plain Gatorfoam. It is strong dent-resistant.
  • Self-adhesive Gatorfoam: This is great for mounting items without using any hot mounting or a lamination tool.
  • Heat-activated Gatorfoam: It uses clamshell presses, a heated roll laminator, and vacuum presses to mount materials hassle-free. It has a special adhesive for mounting materials with consistency and strong bonding.
Building an Eye-Catching Impact

Photo prints on foamboard enable companies and schools to create an immediate impact on spectators. Due to its light weight, the material can be used to display posters, prints, and artwork hassle-free. For this same reason, it is used in exhibitions. Furthermore, it is safe for children to use. This versatile substrate is best for schools and businesses with limited space.

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Trade Shows Admiration

Large companies with limited budgets know how to create a huge amount of effective attention and admiration by using attractive advertising resources at trade fairs. They prefer Gatorfoam due to its plethora of beneficial features. It can be easily framed on stands and also hung with double-sided Velcro tape.

Foamcore’s affordable prices and light weight allow inexpensive yet top-quality printing, thus making it a perfect solution. Also, foamcore printing is used in restaurants for menu boards and Pop-up displays.  What are you waiting for? Use this outstanding material to display prints and posters.

Foam Board Can Offer You Numerous Usages

Foamboard is a clamant substrate used for an extensive number of applications, according to specific needs. It has several exceptional characteristics, making it a preferred choice of do-it-yourself fans. Durable, flexible and a lightweight sheet are a few of their benefits.

Foamboard is used in exhibitions for backing artwork, sign making, 3D designs, and other purposes. You can get it in a myriad range of thickness and colors, like white, black, grey, etc. This versatile material is an ideal option for crafts projects: one can make diverse types of photo frames, such as hanging, wall, and other types. 

Foamboard has a flat, even and bright surface, thus delivering the required qualities to various work projects. To get even and desired forms, make sure you use the right cutting tools when shaping the board. It is available in a variety of types, including colored board, Sintra PVC foam, acid-free, JetMount, Rynoboard, styrene-faced, presentation, and acrylic.

You can also make decoration items for your home. Enhance the grace of your rooms by making different types of embellishments and artwork with the help of quality, customized foamboard. It is vital to know the features of different kinds of boards to avoid any mishaps in making your project:

1. White foamcore: This is a basic, multipurpose, and outstanding substrate perfect for die cutting, mounting, screen printing, and framing. It has a solid extruded polystyrene core packed between two layers of semi-gloss white clay coated paper. 

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2. Gatorfoam: This type is robust, hard-wearing, and resistant to denting. It comes in different sizes and thickness, thus providing enormous options from which to choose as per the application’s requirements. It is ideal for digital and screen printing. It is in huge demand in the market due to its exceptional features and strong performance. It is further divided into different types, such as:
  • Plain Gatorboard: This type is versatile and great for projects demanding high stability and durability. It is known for its sturdiness and dent-resistant properties.
  • Self-adhesive Gatorfoam: This board features pressure-sensitive cold adhesive: simply peel off the cover, stick on your print and press it down.
  • Heat-activated Gatorboard: This substrate uses a heated roll laminator and vacuum presses to display materials easily. It comes with a specific adhesive for consistency and strong bonding of mounting materials.
3. PVC Foam: PVC is often known as Sintra PVC and is made entirely of thin plastic. If your project demands a specific thickness, you can find the desired one. In comparison to Gatorfoam, Sintra PVC is heavier and can be bent to some extent as it is not prone to denting. It is a very strong PVC sheet and can be used for photo mounting and other applications.

Getting Creative? Here’s Why Foamboard Is Ideal to Explore your Imagination

The desirable properties such as light weight, versatility, durability, etc. of foamboard make it a highly preferred material these days for a variety of tasks. The material is increasingly gaining popularity in the commercial sector and it has become a desired choice for non-commercial applications as well. When it comes to exploring your creative side, foamboard is ideal.    

Today, there are a number of substrate types available including colored foamboard, self-adhesive foamboard, gatorfoam, etc. Those who have worked with the material before are very well aware of how valuable it is. It is very convenient to work with and allows you to use the material any way you want.  

Size and Thickness- The material is available in a range of sizes and thicknesses; you can choose the one that’s perfect for your project. It is extremely easy to cut and resize. Using right cutting tools, you can cut the material easily. For instance, if you have a large-size substrate but your project demands several small pieces, you can quickly cut the material into the desired shapes. Also, foamboard is available in a range of thicknesses from 1/8” to ½”. Gatorfoam is available from 3/16” through 2”.

Self-adhesive Foamboard- A common type self-adhesive foamboard makes mounting very easy. When using it, you do not need to use any kind of extra glues, because the material has self-adhesive properties. You just need to peel and stick on your pictures. It is very easy and convenient. 

Easy to Use- Whether you are looking for a perfect material to mount pictures, set up exhibits, or do arts and crafts projects, the substrate comes out to be the best solution. The material’s properties, such as lightweight yet sturdy, versatile, durable, etc., make it a preferred backing material as compared to others.

Available in Different Colors- In order to cater to the growing needs of users, the material is available in a variety of colors. Using a colored foamboard for your projects will save you from painting the material and using extra colors. 

Durability- When used properly and protected from the elements such as liquid, heat and sharp objects, the board can last a quite long time. However, the material is a light-weight material and applying too much pressure can result in holes. 

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Inexpensively Priced- One of the important reasons why the substrate is increasingly gaining popularity is its inexpensive price. When you consider the material for your craft projects, you do not need to worry about cost that puts limits on your imagination. Get creative the way you want.

Soft yet Sturdy- A favorable property of the material is that the surface can be pierced with pushpins and thumbtacks, making it a great choice for bulletin boards. The material is easy to cut and shape. In addition, the material offers sturdiness making it an ideal choice for photo mounting and presentation projects.

The wide variety and favorable properties (reliability, durability, and affordability) have made this material a first choice when it comes to creating business presentations. www.foamboardsource.com offers a wide variety of the best quality foamboard and its substrates allowing you to select the right material for your special project.

Foam Board- A Versatile and Efficient Material for your Encompassing Work Applications

Foamboard is an exceptional product that can be used for a variety of applications. It is durable, lightweight, and available in several forms, thus offering copious options to individuals according to particular work applications. Get yourself updated with the diverse types of foamboard, so that you can select a specific one for your project.

Make architectural models or beautify the interior of your space with this exceptional material. Self-adhesive foamboard is commonly used today because of its enormous benefits, affordable prices, and easy to use features. Presently, in the advertisement and marketing industry, foamboard is highly sought after. Its characteristics, such as long-lasting and flexibility, makes it a perfect option for displaying all types of photographs and posters.

Foamboard can support a diverse range of crafts materials. You can use a black and white or colored foamboard to display announcements, posters, notice papers, photos, and more. Adhesive foamboard is an ideal option for do-it-yourself projects.

This alluring and efficient material has smooth, clean, and bright surfaces, thus offering the crafts project the required finish. Self-adhesive gatorboard also comes in very handy for various types of tasks, such as photo mounting.

If your project demands light weight, strength, smooth surfaces, firmness, and warp resistance, then go for gatorboard. There are several other types of foamboard, such as colored board, Sintra PVC, acid-free, flame resistant, JetMount, Rynoboard, presentation and acrylic boards. Get any of these according to your needs. 

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PVC foamboard is chiefly used in industries. Its chemical composition is polyvinyl chloride, and it is light in weight as well as resistant to moisture, chemicals, and corrosion. The thickness of this foamboard varies from 1mm to 13mm. The best thing about PVC foamboard is that you can engrave, carve, paint, print and laminate the surface per your work requirements. Additionally, it does not deteriorate with time, and thus its color remains the same indefinitely. Use PVC foamboard for a myriad of applications:

  • Decorative panels
  • Screen printing
  • Computer lettering
  • Signs
  • Display panels
  • Labeling 
Below are some of the prime characteristics of PVC foamboard:
  • Waterproof and resistant to moths, acid, heat, and light
  • Minimal fading
  • Light     and portable material
  • Can be subjected to nailing, cutting, pasting and other types of processing
  • Easy fabrication, handling and cutting
  • Superior quality material
  • Ideal substitute for cardboard and other composites
  • Smooth surface ideal for printing

Foamboards are available in different thicknesses, colors, and sizes. FoamBoardSource is a renowned supplier, providing an extensive range of products and accessories. The online store can easily fulfill your demands for any kind of foamboard.  This versatile material is the perfect option for die cutting, mounting, framing, and making prototypes. The extensive inventory, satisfactory customer care service, and the most affordable prices make the site the best option on the market.

The Know-How of Gatorboard- Types, Properties and Uses

Do you want to get creative this weekend? Are you searching for a perfect material that lets you explore your imagination and design an amazing piece of art? One of the favored material to paint from your imagination and discover your artistic instinct is foamboard. Being light in weight and featuring a soft yet sturdy nature, foamboard makes a perfect material to create unique works of art. 

The material is available in a variety of types and sizes which makes your working experience a wonderful one. One available type of foamboard, preferred for art and craft projects, is gatorboard. Featuring durability, sturdiness and ease of use, gatorboard is an ideal material for exploring your creativity.  

Gatorfoam is an extruded polystyrene board bonded between two layers of luxcell wood-fiber veneer. The material has an excellent reputation for great performance. It is widely used for a variety of purposes including photo mounting, arts and crafts projects, exhibits, etc. The substrate features high durability and incorporates both hard and smooth surfaces that are uniform and blemish-free. Often known as the creator’s delight, gatorfoam is the perfect material to explore your creativity. The good news is that it is largely available in a variety of colors - white, black, natural finish, etc.-- allowing you to get creative the way you want. The material makes the best choice for mounting, exhibits, and signs where strength and rigidity are key.

The substrate is largely used in a number of applications such as business advertising, college presentations, decorative pieces, etc. Furthermore, the material is highly preferred for screen printing, advertising of business products, etc. It is used for making signs, display panels, labeling and the board industry. Gatorboard is also available in a number of types allowing you choose the one that perfectly suits your project needs:

Self-adhesive gatorfoam- This type of foamboard comes with self-adhesive properties and doesn’t require any kind of hot mounting or lamination equipment to mount pictures or other products. This material features sturdiness, stability and versatility. It comes with pressure sensitive cold adhesive, so you simply need to peel off the cover, stick your print on it, and press down. This is the most effective solution for DIY mounting pictures and other craft projects.   

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Heat-activated gatorfoam– This type comes with a special adhesive that assures consistency and bonding of your mounting material. It utilizes a heated roll laminator, clamshell or vacuum press, making mounting simple. When you use heat-activated gatorfoam, you will save time and money needed in the mounting process by eliminating a tissue-adhesive application.

Plain gatorfoam- Known as the best material for major applications, this foamboard is considered to be the most versatile and flexible type available on the market right now. If your project’s main demand is stability and durability, this is the foamboard to use. The material is very easy to handle and you can use it the way you like.

If you are searching for a durable yet easy-to-use material for creating decorative art pieces for your home, or mounting pictures, gatorfoam is the right choice. Get high quality board at www.foamboardsource.com/ and paint anything from your imagination.

Why PVC Foamboard is Preferred Over Other Materials

PVC foamboard is a highly desirable material for a number of applications, both commercial and residential. It is a lightweight substance that is widely used for advertising, making construction models, and much more.

What is PVC Foam? 

PVC foam is a type of foamcore board, yet is quite distinct from it. The material is a closed-cell foam-combined mix of polyvinyl chloride and polyurea, and offers good bond strength. The material is lightweight, corrosion resistant and offers a high degree of flexibility.

The material ranges in thickness from 1mm to 13mm. In addition, PVC sheets are convenient to work with and you can easily use the material the way you want to paint, print, and laminate, etc. based on your requirements. 

Features of PVC Foamboard-

Here are a few features of PVC foam, which makes it a preferred choice-
  • Provides a smooth and hard surface making it acceptable for marketing and advertising
  • UV-protected, corrosion resistant
  • Provides heat insulation and preservation
  • Fire retardant and automatically extinguishes itself once source of ignition is removed.
  • Lightweight, easy and convenient for storage
  • Durable and features a longer life span
  • Color fast and non-deformative
  • Shockproof and water repellent
  • Convenient to work with; easy handling and cutting
The material features a number of beneficial traits which makes it a foremost choice among users. You must have understood by now why PVC sheets are preferred over others. If you are searching for a material for making appealing advertisements, or want to make simple decorative projects or construction models, PVC foam is the best choice.

A few applications of PVC foam-

Advertising- Owing to its beneficial features, such as light weight yet sturdy in nature, PVC sheets are ideal for crafting advertisement material. The material is largely used for making exhibit displays, screen printing, billboards, etc.

Building models- Due to the sturdiness and durability of the material, it is used for making construction models, partitions in office or homes, cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms, etc. 

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Decorative material- If you are fond of making artworks to decorate your home interiors, then Sintra PVC is the right choice. It will help you plumb your imagination in a special way.

Industry- The uses of PVC foamboard are endless. The industrial use extends to making panels for a refrigerator, kitchen cabinets and more because the material is resistant to corrosion, weathering and chemical rotting.

Although the material is convenient to work with, it has been observed that when it comes to cutting it to perfection, a number of key considerations demand your attention. First of all, you need to procure the right cutting tools to craft a perfect shape. There are special tools available for foamboard that will make your cutting job easier and simpler. You need to be very careful when cutting the material because a small mistake can ruin your project. If you want a neat finish, it is important that you make use of the right cutting tools to make the board in the desired shape.

Get the best quality PVC foam at www.foamboardsource.com/ and explore your imagination the way you want.

Foamboard and its Diverse Uses in Industry

Foamboard is a versatile material that offers a gamut of cost-effective solutions for individuals and businesses in diverse industries. With features like durability, long-lasting, etc., it remains an ideal material for various DIY and other projects, especially those with tight budgets, that do not want to compromise quality in any way.

You can easily find a myriad of colored foamboard and other crafts equipment at affordable prices. In this article, we will discuss the most common cases where printing is the smartest choice to make.

Printing Photos on Foamboard

Because of the exceptional quality and usefulness of this material, you can use it for top-quality photo printing and in your workplace for board meeting presentations. Another excellent use of this material is for indoor art projects requiring high-fidelity images and an astonishing finish. Many companies prefer printing using this substrate to create affordable as well as impressive art work, mostly aimed at embellishing interiors where they can be appreciated in detail.

Trade show popularity

Large business firms having high budgets know the importance of efficient and alluring advertising materials at trade fairs. They know how imperative it is to have engaging pieces to attract viewers and achieve desired objectives. Foamboard is an easy to use material that can be framed and placed on tripods, or used with other mounting materials.

Foamboard has maintained an exceptional position in the market due to its many characteristics and extensive work applications. Its affordability allows for high-quality printing and its lightweight offers ease in the installation process.

Making a good impression in the eyes of viewers

Printing on this material enables businesses and schools to make a good impression among viewers. Pop-up displays are a good example; they are used by businesses in point-of-sale advertising to augment outcomes, and in school projects as well as exhibitions. Besides the high-quality images that can be printed on it, you should also focus on its light weight, which enables simple installation. Even school exhibitions use this material to make customized bulletin boards that display pictures and important information for viewers. 

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If you are planning to organize a trade show and want to touch the new heights of prosperity, do not forget to use it for advertising purposes. The best thing is that it will not hurt your pocketbook, and you will be able to achieve the desired results at a low price.

Restaurants simply love it

One modern use of foamboard is at restaurants. Apart from point-of-sale advertising, restaurants also select this exceptional material for their menu boards and Pop-up displays. There are several reasons for the rising trend of this substrate, including poster board printing’s cost savings, versatility, and more. These are cases where printing on foamboard is a smarter option.

Think of using this material for your next project. Keep yourself updated about the diverse types so you can use it for projects accordingly.