Foam Board- A Versatile and Efficient Material for your Encompassing Work Applications

Foamboard is an exceptional product that can be used for a variety of applications. It is durable, lightweight, and available in several forms, thus offering copious options to individuals according to particular work applications. Get yourself updated with the diverse types of foamboard, so that you can select a specific one for your project.

Make architectural models or beautify the interior of your space with this exceptional material. Self-adhesive foamboard is commonly used today because of its enormous benefits, affordable prices, and easy to use features. Presently, in the advertisement and marketing industry, foamboard is highly sought after. Its characteristics, such as long-lasting and flexibility, makes it a perfect option for displaying all types of photographs and posters.

Foamboard can support a diverse range of crafts materials. You can use a black and white or colored foamboard to display announcements, posters, notice papers, photos, and more. Adhesive foamboard is an ideal option for do-it-yourself projects.

This alluring and efficient material has smooth, clean, and bright surfaces, thus offering the crafts project the required finish. Self-adhesive gatorboard also comes in very handy for various types of tasks, such as photo mounting.

If your project demands light weight, strength, smooth surfaces, firmness, and warp resistance, then go for gatorboard. There are several other types of foamboard, such as colored board, Sintra PVC, acid-free, flame resistant, JetMount, Rynoboard, presentation and acrylic boards. Get any of these according to your needs. 

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PVC foamboard is chiefly used in industries. Its chemical composition is polyvinyl chloride, and it is light in weight as well as resistant to moisture, chemicals, and corrosion. The thickness of this foamboard varies from 1mm to 13mm. The best thing about PVC foamboard is that you can engrave, carve, paint, print and laminate the surface per your work requirements. Additionally, it does not deteriorate with time, and thus its color remains the same indefinitely. Use PVC foamboard for a myriad of applications:

  • Decorative panels
  • Screen printing
  • Computer lettering
  • Signs
  • Display panels
  • Labeling 
Below are some of the prime characteristics of PVC foamboard:
  • Waterproof and resistant to moths, acid, heat, and light
  • Minimal fading
  • Light     and portable material
  • Can be subjected to nailing, cutting, pasting and other types of processing
  • Easy fabrication, handling and cutting
  • Superior quality material
  • Ideal substitute for cardboard and other composites
  • Smooth surface ideal for printing

Foamboards are available in different thicknesses, colors, and sizes. FoamBoardSource is a renowned supplier, providing an extensive range of products and accessories. The online store can easily fulfill your demands for any kind of foamboard.  This versatile material is the perfect option for die cutting, mounting, framing, and making prototypes. The extensive inventory, satisfactory customer care service, and the most affordable prices make the site the best option on the market.

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