Foam Board Can Offer You Numerous Usages

Foamboard is a clamant substrate used for an extensive number of applications, according to specific needs. It has several exceptional characteristics, making it a preferred choice of do-it-yourself fans. Durable, flexible and a lightweight sheet are a few of their benefits.

Foamboard is used in exhibitions for backing artwork, sign making, 3D designs, and other purposes. You can get it in a myriad range of thickness and colors, like white, black, grey, etc. This versatile material is an ideal option for crafts projects: one can make diverse types of photo frames, such as hanging, wall, and other types. 

Foamboard has a flat, even and bright surface, thus delivering the required qualities to various work projects. To get even and desired forms, make sure you use the right cutting tools when shaping the board. It is available in a variety of types, including colored board, Sintra PVC foam, acid-free, JetMount, Rynoboard, styrene-faced, presentation, and acrylic.

You can also make decoration items for your home. Enhance the grace of your rooms by making different types of embellishments and artwork with the help of quality, customized foamboard. It is vital to know the features of different kinds of boards to avoid any mishaps in making your project:

1. White foamcore: This is a basic, multipurpose, and outstanding substrate perfect for die cutting, mounting, screen printing, and framing. It has a solid extruded polystyrene core packed between two layers of semi-gloss white clay coated paper. 

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2. Gatorfoam: This type is robust, hard-wearing, and resistant to denting. It comes in different sizes and thickness, thus providing enormous options from which to choose as per the application’s requirements. It is ideal for digital and screen printing. It is in huge demand in the market due to its exceptional features and strong performance. It is further divided into different types, such as:
  • Plain Gatorboard: This type is versatile and great for projects demanding high stability and durability. It is known for its sturdiness and dent-resistant properties.
  • Self-adhesive Gatorfoam: This board features pressure-sensitive cold adhesive: simply peel off the cover, stick on your print and press it down.
  • Heat-activated Gatorboard: This substrate uses a heated roll laminator and vacuum presses to display materials easily. It comes with a specific adhesive for consistency and strong bonding of mounting materials.
3. PVC Foam: PVC is often known as Sintra PVC and is made entirely of thin plastic. If your project demands a specific thickness, you can find the desired one. In comparison to Gatorfoam, Sintra PVC is heavier and can be bent to some extent as it is not prone to denting. It is a very strong PVC sheet and can be used for photo mounting and other applications.

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