Photos Prints on Foamboard- A Great Idea to Enhance the Complete Aura

Foamboard is one of the most well-known and versatile materials that is widely used in the present day advertising industry. It delivers cost-effective and supreme quality solutions for businesses as well as individuals in all fields. With features such as long-lasting, sturdy, and affordable price, foamboard remains the perfect material for people with all-encompassing projects and constrained budgets who do not want to compromise quality in any way. It is an appropriate substrate that will guarantee optimum results. It is vital to know whether foamboard is a smart choice for the photo prints or not. The following points will clear all your doubts:

Photo Prints on Foamboard: Outstanding Quality

Due to its outstanding quality and usefulness, it can be used for unsurpassed quality photo printing and in the workspace for board meeting presentations. One type, Gartorfoam, is best for indoor art projects, demanding highly consistent images and an amazing finish. Companies as well as individuals select it to make cost-effective yet engaging pieces of art to enhance interior spaces. Gatorfoam is available in different colors, including black, white, a natural finish, etc. It comes in several types:
  • Plain Gatorfoam: This is one of the most popular, known for its versatility. If your project demands high stability and durability, then go for plain Gatorfoam. It is strong dent-resistant.
  • Self-adhesive Gatorfoam: This is great for mounting items without using any hot mounting or a lamination tool.
  • Heat-activated Gatorfoam: It uses clamshell presses, a heated roll laminator, and vacuum presses to mount materials hassle-free. It has a special adhesive for mounting materials with consistency and strong bonding.
Building an Eye-Catching Impact

Photo prints on foamboard enable companies and schools to create an immediate impact on spectators. Due to its light weight, the material can be used to display posters, prints, and artwork hassle-free. For this same reason, it is used in exhibitions. Furthermore, it is safe for children to use. This versatile substrate is best for schools and businesses with limited space.

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Trade Shows Admiration

Large companies with limited budgets know how to create a huge amount of effective attention and admiration by using attractive advertising resources at trade fairs. They prefer Gatorfoam due to its plethora of beneficial features. It can be easily framed on stands and also hung with double-sided Velcro tape.

Foamcore’s affordable prices and light weight allow inexpensive yet top-quality printing, thus making it a perfect solution. Also, foamcore printing is used in restaurants for menu boards and Pop-up displays.  What are you waiting for? Use this outstanding material to display prints and posters.

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