PVC Foamboard is the Necessity of Modern Times

Used for numerous personal and commercial applications, foamboard is an efficient, versatile, and low- cost material. Many people are inclined towards it due to its numerous uses. It is available in various forms, including PVC, Gatorfoam, presentation, self-adhesive, and many more. Foamboard can be cut into desired shapes using the right cutting tool. You can get even edges and the required shape with the correct equipment.  

PVC foamboard is a sturdy and durable material that can accomplish various domestic as well as commercial projects. PVC foamboard exhibits several key features that make it robust and long-term. It is resistant to moisture, weathering, heat, impact, acid and alkali. All these characteristics makes it ideal for almost all kinds of purpose.

Foamboard can be used for fabricating office partitions in already-constructed structures. It is very easy to add and remove this material as needed. In addition, it can be used in the advertising industry to display posters. You can use PVC foam in shopping malls and hotels to enhance their architectural decoration. Below are some of the types of PVC foamcore that can be used to serve different purposes, including:

Pressure-sensitive Sintra PVC foamboard: This self-adhesive foamboard is a very, durable PVC sheet that can be used for photo mounting. You just have to peel and mount! Get it in a myriad of thicknesses, including 1, 2, 3, 6, and 13 mm. PVC foamcore comes as one-sided self-adhesive and two-sided Sintra. Sintra PVC is also available without any adhesive.  It is tough, heavy, resistant to dents, and can be used for diverse applications. In comparison to Gatorfoam, PVC is heavier and can be bent slightly.

Self-adhesive coated PVC board: It is a very durable sheet, best for photo mounting. All you must is remove the release liner and mount. You can also get it without pressure-sensitive coating.

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Sintra PVC foamboard: This is also an extremely durable PVC sheet that can be used for extensive purposes, like photo mounting, display construction, etc. This material is ideal for making decoration items. What are you waiting for? Enhance the grace of your house by making various embellishment. This foamboard material can also be utilized for making photo frames.

Contrasted to other materials, PVC foamboard can be coated, printed on, or made into diverse colors. It is an excellent alternative to typical wood materials and cardboards, and all its beneficial characteristics make it stand out as the perfect option for many uses.

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