Use Quality Foamboard to Make a Tailored Cake Holder

Foamboard is a strong, durable, and well-known material that has been widely used for a plethora of commercial and personal applications. It is a flexible substrate that can be cut into desired shapes with the right cutting tools. Foamboard is also called foamcore and you can make countless DIY craft projects with it. 

This versatile and light-weight substrate comes in diverse types, including black and white, colored foamboard, Gatorfoam, acid-free, Sintra PVC, JetMount, presentation and acrylic boards. Every substrate has its unique features and is ideal for particular applications.

PVC foamboard has a chemical composition of polyvinyl chloride. It has low water absorption and is resistant to chemicals, moisture and corrosion. The PVC foam surface can be engraved, painted, printed, milled, embossed, and laminated depending on the job requirements. Moreover, its color does not fade for a long time.

Use quality PVC foamboard to make tailored cake holder. Design it in any size and shape. Decorate it with the beautiful colored papers to augment the appearance of this masterpiece. Making a cake holder is very easy and will not consume enormous time. Make sure you keep all your supplies at hand to save time, such as pencils, glue, PVC foam, colored paper, etc. This way you will avoid all inconveniences. Use the right cutting equipment to fashion the foamboard into the desired shapes. Also, take the dimensions properly when making the desired size cake stand. 

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This is but one of the applications of PVC foam. Use it to make photo frames, wall art, display posters, mount prints and photographs, and make decorative items. Save your hard-earned money by using this substrate to make a cake stand. Just remember to use the right type of foam board for this application. Below are important considerations to help you streamline the selection process:
  • Choose the right foamboard- As you know, foamcore is available in diverse types and picking the right one is key when making a desired project. If you are looking for a substrate to mount pictures, choose self-adhesive boards. Read all the properties and features beforehand.
  • Right size and thickness of PVC foamboard- The substrates are available in different sizes and thicknesses like 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 6 mm, or 13 mm. Pick the right size and thickness depending on your precise requirements.
Note that these are the vital considerations to keep in mind to make a particular application. Foamcore and all of its various configurations are in great demand because of its exceptional features and multiple uses.

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