Make Paintable White Roses Using Foamboard for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Painting and coloring are all the rage right now, so why not bring this kind of fun to a birthday extravaganza? Make a perfect DIY party craft by making white roses using foamboard. Every kid will paint the roses, and let’s see who can paint them in the best way in a short time.

Step right up! Add fun to the whole celebration by executing the idea. Gift anything, like a toy or stationery item to the winner. Don't forget the popcorn and cotton candy machines!

Games, music, and food all are equally important for kids. Make delicious mouth-watering snacks and include good music as well during the whole celebration.

This party craft will be an exciting game for the children. Make flowers of the same size. Be sure to use the right cutting tools to get even and desired shapes. Keep your supplies organized like a pen, cutting tool, and foamboard beforehand to make everything in a short period of time. 

There are diverse material available for this DIY craft; however, nothing compares to quality foamboard.

This versatile material is well-known for its numerous beneficial features, and has gained huge popularity. It is used in diverse personal as well as corporate applications. Foamboard is light weight, durable, available in a myriad of styles and colors. Try Sintra PVC, Gatorfoam board, flame-resistant board, Rynoboard foamcore, acid-free, JetMount, presentation board, styrene-faced, and acrylic boards. Each has unique characteristics, exclusive properties, and affordable prices. Make sure you have searched thoroughly and gained a good knowledge about the different types of boards to choose the best one, according to your work application. Apart from the above-mentioned DIY rose painting party craft, this material can be used to create an all-encompassing number of items, such as display posters, notices, advertisements, attractive artwork, photo frames, etc. Below is a brief description of some types:

Gatorfoam board is made of extruded polystyrene and is sandwiched between two wood-fiber veneer sheets. In comparison to regular foamcore, it is noticeably harder and less prone to scratches and dents. It comes in various thicknesses and colors, such as white, light brown, and black. Sintra PVC is sturdy and is used for digital and screen printing as well as vinyl graphics. It is made of closed-cell PVC foamboard, and is light in weight. It is heavier than Gatorfoam and available in diverse sizes.
Get foamboard in an extensive range of colors and thicknesses. Purchase custom-tailored ones, as per your work specifications. Using foamboard as a chief component for creating different projects is a good decision that will not hurt your pocketbook while it offers unparalleled results. Make a perfect DIY party craft, attractive photo frame for your home, a bulletin board for your school or workplace, etc. at your convenience.

Choosing the Best Substrate for your Printing Needs

A substrate is an imperative product when talking about printing results. It will decide the life as well as the quality of the final results. Companies using the wrong substrate for their applications may find themselves with disappointing outcomes.

Therefore, you cannot ignore the importance of selecting the right substrate for your work needs. In this article, we will shed light on different alternatives available for you to accomplish your special project needs. 

You must have heard about foamboard and its significance in today’s world. This versatile material has exceptional features, such as high durability, long lasting, light weight, etc. It is available in a myriad of types, such as Gatorfoam, PVC Sheets, and many more. Let’s discuss how each is going to be used, the setting in which it will be displayed, and the duration desired.

When durability is your prime need

If your project includes outdoor advertising, durability is a must. You must look for a substrate that can hold up under all weather conditions, including scorching summer rays, wind, and rain. You might select PVC sheets because they are widely known for their outstanding durability. Polyvinyl chloride board is light in weight yet rigid with a low gloss matte finish. It can be formed into any shape using the right cutting tool. It is chemical and scratch resistant and available in different colors.

When reasonable price and strength of materials are your chief demands

Indoor school projects demand lightweight substrates that are budget friendly and do not have to be excessively resistant. Foamboard or Gatorfoam may be considered as perfect options. Both are inexpensive, lightweight, and offer acceptable durability.

Gatorfoam board is easy to use and widely known for outstanding performance. It is an extruded polystyrene foam mounting board sandwiched between layers of wood fiber veneer. It has a bright white facer and works well for digital and screen printing. Gatorfoam resists warping and is sometimes used as a backing for wet materials, such as paper clay. It is a good option for non-archival applications that require high strength and light weight. You can also mount photographs and artwork.

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When getting even shapes is dominant

To get the desired and even shape from your foamboard, it is vital to use the right cutting tools. Make sure you pick the right equipment to accomplish the expected results.

The Bottom Line

The more intricate your foamboard printing project is, the more difficult it is to choose the right substrate. However, with good knowledge of the different types of foamcore, you will surely achieve the best results. At, you will find an extensive range of foamboard and other accessories at competitive prices. Whether you want PVC, Gatorfoam, self-adhesive, or others, buy quality boards with us. Select the right substrate to avoid any inconvenience later. You can easily and successfully make your desired work application! If you have any doubts, call the given number given to get answers to your queries.

Why Foamboard is the Ultimate Choice for Your Diverse Needs

For people who have no idea of what foamcore is, this article will be of great help!

Foamboard is a lightweight material that is easy to cut in a desired shape using the right cutting tool. It is one of the most versatile substrates available on the market and is inexpensive as well. It can be used for photo prints, framing pictures, mounting, and painting.

Today, Foamboard is the most widely-used material for businesses. Advertising and printing firms use it to bring awareness about different products and services. It is also used in exhibitions to display paintings and posters. Foamcore can also be used for scale models as a structure physical demonstration, creating arts and crafts, and marketing displays. It is available in different types, each one employed for unique applications. 

Self-adhesive foamboard is durable and will not bend or crack. You can literally mount anything, like photos, designs, and even text. There are all-encompassing options available that will fit your unique needs. Select any size thickness according to your requirements. Self-adhesive foamboard is a preferred choice due to its extensive features, like long lasting, high durability, resistant to bending, no adhesive required, and much more. It comes in a wide range, including:
  • Self-adhesive Gatorfoam
  • Self-adhesive acid-free
  • Self-adhesive RynoBoard
  • Self-adhesive Sintra PVC
  • Self-adhesive posterboard
  • Self-adhesive JetMount
  • Self-Adhesive Coroplast
Self-adhesive Gatorfoam features durability, reliability and compliance. For mounting pictures and other items, this material does not require any hot mounting or lamination equipment; rather, it uses a pressure-sensitive cold adhesive. Just peel off the release liner, stick on your print, and press it down.

You can make customized photo frames with two-sided foam core. This material is a great alternative in making a presentation so you can quickly flip the board to show other topics. Get your message across to your audience by making presentations with it. Due to the supreme quality of the material, trade show organizers like to use foam core. It is also great as a bulletin board in schools to give important information to students.  

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Foamboard is the number one choice for businesses for displaying and promoting new products or services. You might have seen this versatile material in conference halls and at trade shows. The applications of this material is virtually limitless. School children use it to make various projects, like airplane models. Parents use it to make decorative items to showcase in their kids’ rooms to enhance the overall mood of the space. You can also make attractive 3D art and greeting cards. Give wings to your creativity and use foamboard to make exciting and versatile projects.

Why PVC Sheets Win Over Other Foamboards for Advertising Prints

Those looking for a durable, strong, and quality yet affordable material for advertising prints can choose foamboard. This versatile material is available in different thicknesses, sizes, and colors, thus offering a plethora of options to choose from for a customized job. It comes in different types, such as PVC sheets, Gatorfoam, presentation, acrylic, and many more. All these foamcore boards have exclusive properties and intended usage in diverse applications. 

PVC Sheets

These is also known as Sintra PVC board. This type of foamboard is widely used by businesses, in various industries, and more. It is preferred for outdoor applications because of its exceptional characteristics, such as high durability, resistant to any weather, etc.

Sintra PVC Sheets provide all-encompassing color options and, therefore, it can also be used for personal as well as professional purposes. It is super flexible, light in weight, and durable. PVC sheet is made of ascetically extended closed-cell polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is shaped into a regular sheet. It has a low gloss matte finish; and thus, advertising prints stay dust-free, clean, and require less maintenance.

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Similar to other foamboard, you can get PVC in different thickness. It can be printed on any side. This type of material gives little glare due to its textured surface. Therefore, advertising prints remain clear. It is also versatile and can be cut in different sizes and shapes. Keep in mind to use the right cutting tool to get the desired shape as well as even edges.

Why PVC sheets win over other materials?

As compared to other types of foamcore, PVC is widely preferred for several reasons:
  • PVC sheets are long lasting and work best in any weather conditions.
  • They are versatile and can be used for a variety of applications. They can be used in restaurants as menu boards, for example, and more.
  • PVC boards are lighter in weight and can withstand more than a few droplets. This is one of the prime reasons why companies prefer it. Sintra PVC sheets can be used for an extended period of time as there will be no wear and tear, even if it is being used continuously.
  • PVC board printing will cover the needs of all advertising companies, irrespective of their budget. Therefore, make your advertisements clear and in readable form by using this reliable material.
Take your business to a new level of success by printing advertisements effectively on PVC sheets to attract the maximum number of customers.

Make an Airplane Model for your Child’s School Project Using Quality Foamboard

School projects are essential to enhance the skills, learning, and creativity of children. However, parents also must get involved with the kids in accomplishing their work. If your child’s project is to make an airplane model, then use quality foamboard. This material is versatile and can be cut into different shapes using the right cutting tools. Get even edges and the perfect shape by using the appropriate equipment. 

Foamboard is a light weight, sturdy, and durable material, consisting of three layers. The inner layer is polystyrene or polyurethane foam covered by a white clay coated paper, common brown craft paper, or cotton archival paper. Get the board in diverse types:
  • One-sided colored
  • White and black
  • PVC
  • Acid-free
  • Presentation
  • Gatorfoam
  • Rynoboard
  • Styrene-faced
  • Flame-resistant
All these types of foamcore have unique characteristics and are used for particular work applications. For example, Gatorfoam is strong, long-lasting, and thus can be used for different DIY craft projects. You can make an airplane model with it.

These days, a lot of people are aware of foamboard and use it for their professional and personal projects. Its exceptional features and myriad uses have made this material so popular. Foamboard is greatly admired for its strength, durability, flexibility, and sturdiness. It is available in different sizes and thicknesses. You may choose any dimension according to your requirements!

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To make an airplane model using Gatorfoam, you will need stationery, pencils, scale, glue, the right cutting equipment, among other supplies. Keep everything out beforehand to save time and avoid any inconvenience. Take the proper measurements so you can make the model as per your expectations. This is but one of the many uses of foamboard.

Those who run an advertisement business can use self-adhesive board for mounting posters and photos. This type of material is well-known for display purposes.  It is chemically inert, and you have the option to choose either one or two-sided pressure-sensitive board depending upon your application needs.

Self-adhesive is also good for cold mounting photographs. You can use it for exhibitions to display artwork. The best thing about it is that it does not need any external application or drying time.

You can also use this versatile substrate to decorate a home interior. Impart any theme to your space by making different stylish items. For example, make beautiful photo frames to enhance the grace of your walls. Preserve your old memories forever. Get any type of board according to your application’s requirements today!

Get the Type of Foamboard as Your Project Demands

Foamboard is a user-friendly and multipurpose material known for its robust, long-lasting, and lightweight properties. It has a hard covering, whereas the inner surface is soft. Foamboard is feasible for cutting and sticking together; thus, it has effectively made its way into packaging, displaying, and mounting works applications. People use it frequently for commercial and personal work. It comes in various types, serving diverse needs. Below are a few of them:   

1. Foamcore: It is a basic, resourceful foamboard, that features a multifaceted graphic and display core. It has a strong extruded polystyrene core sandwiched between two layers of blanched white clay coated paper. You can use this foamboard for screen printing, mounting, framing, die cutting, and models. 

Foamcore is available in diverse thicknesses; the most common is 3/16". However, you can get it in 1/8", 3/8", and 1/2" thicknesses as well. It is cost-effective and light in weight, but be careful of its edges as this material requires a bit of care in handling.

2. PVC Foamboard: It is generally known as Sintra, and is a substrate made of thin plastic. It is durable, and you can get PVC foam in a range of thicknesses. It is moderately heavier than gatorboard and can bend slightly although it is resistant to denting. PVC foamboard is an extremely durable sheet that can be used for photo mounting, display construction, and many other purposes. It comes with or without self-adhesive. In the case of self-adhesive PVC, you just have to peel off and stick on firmly to make display posters and other items.

3. Gatorboard: This type of foamboard is an extruded polystyrene covered between two layers of Luxcell wood-fiber veneer. Gatorfoam has exceptional features; it is sturdy, long-lasting, etc. You can use this substrate for diverse work applications. You can easily find the material in different thicknesses, like 3/16, ½, ¾” 1", 1 1/2", and 2". Gatorfoam is similar to foamcore, but with an exception that it has thin sheets of plastic on each side. Also, it is resistant to denting and, thus, does not require a lot of maintenance.    

This substrate is the best choice if you are inclined to tack on something for a longer time. It is original, has extensive advantages, and is known for its high performance. It is ideal for digital and screen printing. 

These are some of the common foamboards used for all-encompassing purposes. Keep in mind to use the right cutting tools to get even edges and desired shapes. 

Arrange your Jewelry Properly Using a Customized Foamboard Necklace Holder

Foamboard is thin, flexible polystyrene board that has all-encompassing characteristics and can be used for numerous applications. This versatile material is robust, light weight, and comes in varied sizes and thicknesses. Get a customized board according to your project’s demands. Try various DIY craft projects with it. An innovative and creative use of foamboard is to create a customized necklace holder to keep accessories well organized.

Design a two, three or four-tier necklaces display. If you want to add a spark to your creation, use different colors, posters, and fixtures to decorate it. To arrange the necklaces properly, add adjusting hooks on the rear. Maintain the grace and shine of your accessories by keeping them properly sorted. Additionally, this will cause the least damage to your ornaments. Make your own necklace holder with foamboard and save money. Prior to creating the necklace holder, make sure you have all the required stationery.

Foamboard has a hard outer surface, whereas it’s inner side is soft, thus cutting this material is quite a challenging job. Make sure you use the right cutting tool to get even edges and the desired shape.

Apart from making a customized jewelry stand, foamboard can be used for displaying artwork, pictures, and crafts projects. PVC foamboard is widely used in the advertising industry and for exhibitions to display posters and artwork. It is resistant to moisture, weathering, heat, acid, and flames. It is further divided into different types, such as:
  • Pressure-sensitive Sintra PVC foamboard: It has a self-adhesive coating, so just peel and mount. Get it in any thickness, including 1, 2, 3, 6, and 13 mm.
  • One or two-sided self-adhesive Sintra PVC foamcore: It is durable, resistant to dents, and is moderately heavy.
  • Sintra PVC foamboard: It is an extremely durable PVC sheet that can be used for promotional ads.
  • Get it with or  without pressure sensitive coating.
Use any of these foamboard types as your project demands!

If you are looking for a foam board for display purposes, opt for thicker boards because they are more stable and can be kept easily. One of the prime advantages of this substrate is that you can pierce it with pushpins and thumbtacks. 

Update yourself on the different types of foamcore so you can pick the best one for your project. Each of the substrates is well-known for its unique and outstanding features. Many people have used them for commercial and personal work. This is certainly one of the best materials, covering innumerable needs.

Use the Right Foamboard Cutting Tool to Get Desired Shapes

Foamboard is a lightweight and robust material available in an extensive range of sizes and thicknesses. It caters to a large number of commercial and personal applications. Foam board is used in the advertising industry for displaying posters and other public work. It comes in different types, namely presentation, acrylic, PVC, Gatorfoam, etc.

Gatorfoam board is long-lasting and has both hard as well as smooth surfaces. Designers, engineers, artists, photo mounters, sign painters, and architects use customized board according to their work demands. It can be used for making bulletin board and other projects requiring high strength. Gatorfoam is well-known for its sturdiness and constancy. Get it in black, white, or a natural finish. It comes in diverse types, such as: 
  • Plain Gatorfoam: This is widely used in an extensive number of applications as it is known for its versatility. This type of foam has dent-resistant properties.
  • Heat-activated: It makes the use of a heated roll laminator, clamshell and vacuum presses to display materials easily. It has a special adhesive for strong bonding for most any mounting material.
  • Self-adhesive Gatorfoam: This choice enables mounting of items without lamination equipment or hot mounting. It is a pressure sensitive cold adhesive, in addition to possessing other exceptional characteristics.
Each of the foamboards has unique features and can be used for a wide range of tasks. Choose wisely as your project demands! However, make sure you cut the material with care. Cutting foamcore with perfection is a herculean task, particularly for people who lack knowledge about the right techniques. Whether you are using foamboard to make a business presentation or a college project, the importance of using the specially-designed equipment and tools for specific applications cannot be ignored.

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Indeed, cutting this material proves to be a challenging task. Therefore, make sure you have the proper knowledge and the right set of tools to end up with even edges. Below is the common cutting equipment:  
  • Perimeter Trim System- Using this tool is extremely easy! It can form decorative edges.
  • Olfa Knives- These cutters feature a groundbreaking design with exceptional functionality and performance. This heavy-duty utility cutter is helpful to cut foamboards in any shape.
  • Panel Connector Disc- It enables users to form their own free-standing display.
  • FSC Sheet Cutter 65”- This tool is an inexpensive finishing solution for all types of sign making in the graphic development business, working during the print process. It forms and cuts precise and debris-free items.
  • Foamwerks cutting tools: A superior line of cutting tools just designed to cut foamboard.
These are some of the most common foamcore cutting tools available at Use any of them according to your work application.