Make an Airplane Model for your Child’s School Project Using Quality Foamboard

School projects are essential to enhance the skills, learning, and creativity of children. However, parents also must get involved with the kids in accomplishing their work. If your child’s project is to make an airplane model, then use quality foamboard. This material is versatile and can be cut into different shapes using the right cutting tools. Get even edges and the perfect shape by using the appropriate equipment. 

Foamboard is a light weight, sturdy, and durable material, consisting of three layers. The inner layer is polystyrene or polyurethane foam covered by a white clay coated paper, common brown craft paper, or cotton archival paper. Get the board in diverse types:
  • One-sided colored
  • White and black
  • PVC
  • Acid-free
  • Presentation
  • Gatorfoam
  • Rynoboard
  • Styrene-faced
  • Flame-resistant
All these types of foamcore have unique characteristics and are used for particular work applications. For example, Gatorfoam is strong, long-lasting, and thus can be used for different DIY craft projects. You can make an airplane model with it.

These days, a lot of people are aware of foamboard and use it for their professional and personal projects. Its exceptional features and myriad uses have made this material so popular. Foamboard is greatly admired for its strength, durability, flexibility, and sturdiness. It is available in different sizes and thicknesses. You may choose any dimension according to your requirements!

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To make an airplane model using Gatorfoam, you will need stationery, pencils, scale, glue, the right cutting equipment, among other supplies. Keep everything out beforehand to save time and avoid any inconvenience. Take the proper measurements so you can make the model as per your expectations. This is but one of the many uses of foamboard.

Those who run an advertisement business can use self-adhesive board for mounting posters and photos. This type of material is well-known for display purposes.  It is chemically inert, and you have the option to choose either one or two-sided pressure-sensitive board depending upon your application needs.

Self-adhesive is also good for cold mounting photographs. You can use it for exhibitions to display artwork. The best thing about it is that it does not need any external application or drying time.

You can also use this versatile substrate to decorate a home interior. Impart any theme to your space by making different stylish items. For example, make beautiful photo frames to enhance the grace of your walls. Preserve your old memories forever. Get any type of board according to your application’s requirements today!

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