Make Paintable White Roses Using Foamboard for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Painting and coloring are all the rage right now, so why not bring this kind of fun to a birthday extravaganza? Make a perfect DIY party craft by making white roses using foamboard. Every kid will paint the roses, and let’s see who can paint them in the best way in a short time.

Step right up! Add fun to the whole celebration by executing the idea. Gift anything, like a toy or stationery item to the winner. Don't forget the popcorn and cotton candy machines!

Games, music, and food all are equally important for kids. Make delicious mouth-watering snacks and include good music as well during the whole celebration.

This party craft will be an exciting game for the children. Make flowers of the same size. Be sure to use the right cutting tools to get even and desired shapes. Keep your supplies organized like a pen, cutting tool, and foamboard beforehand to make everything in a short period of time. 

There are diverse material available for this DIY craft; however, nothing compares to quality foamboard.

This versatile material is well-known for its numerous beneficial features, and has gained huge popularity. It is used in diverse personal as well as corporate applications. Foamboard is light weight, durable, available in a myriad of styles and colors. Try Sintra PVC, Gatorfoam board, flame-resistant board, Rynoboard foamcore, acid-free, JetMount, presentation board, styrene-faced, and acrylic boards. Each has unique characteristics, exclusive properties, and affordable prices. Make sure you have searched thoroughly and gained a good knowledge about the different types of boards to choose the best one, according to your work application. Apart from the above-mentioned DIY rose painting party craft, this material can be used to create an all-encompassing number of items, such as display posters, notices, advertisements, attractive artwork, photo frames, etc. Below is a brief description of some types:

Gatorfoam board is made of extruded polystyrene and is sandwiched between two wood-fiber veneer sheets. In comparison to regular foamcore, it is noticeably harder and less prone to scratches and dents. It comes in various thicknesses and colors, such as white, light brown, and black. Sintra PVC is sturdy and is used for digital and screen printing as well as vinyl graphics. It is made of closed-cell PVC foamboard, and is light in weight. It is heavier than Gatorfoam and available in diverse sizes.
Get foamboard in an extensive range of colors and thicknesses. Purchase custom-tailored ones, as per your work specifications. Using foamboard as a chief component for creating different projects is a good decision that will not hurt your pocketbook while it offers unparalleled results. Make a perfect DIY party craft, attractive photo frame for your home, a bulletin board for your school or workplace, etc. at your convenience.

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