Use the Right Foamboard Cutting Tool to Get Desired Shapes

Foamboard is a lightweight and robust material available in an extensive range of sizes and thicknesses. It caters to a large number of commercial and personal applications. Foam board is used in the advertising industry for displaying posters and other public work. It comes in different types, namely presentation, acrylic, PVC, Gatorfoam, etc.

Gatorfoam board is long-lasting and has both hard as well as smooth surfaces. Designers, engineers, artists, photo mounters, sign painters, and architects use customized board according to their work demands. It can be used for making bulletin board and other projects requiring high strength. Gatorfoam is well-known for its sturdiness and constancy. Get it in black, white, or a natural finish. It comes in diverse types, such as: 
  • Plain Gatorfoam: This is widely used in an extensive number of applications as it is known for its versatility. This type of foam has dent-resistant properties.
  • Heat-activated: It makes the use of a heated roll laminator, clamshell and vacuum presses to display materials easily. It has a special adhesive for strong bonding for most any mounting material.
  • Self-adhesive Gatorfoam: This choice enables mounting of items without lamination equipment or hot mounting. It is a pressure sensitive cold adhesive, in addition to possessing other exceptional characteristics.
Each of the foamboards has unique features and can be used for a wide range of tasks. Choose wisely as your project demands! However, make sure you cut the material with care. Cutting foamcore with perfection is a herculean task, particularly for people who lack knowledge about the right techniques. Whether you are using foamboard to make a business presentation or a college project, the importance of using the specially-designed equipment and tools for specific applications cannot be ignored.

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Indeed, cutting this material proves to be a challenging task. Therefore, make sure you have the proper knowledge and the right set of tools to end up with even edges. Below is the common cutting equipment:  
  • Perimeter Trim System- Using this tool is extremely easy! It can form decorative edges.
  • Olfa Knives- These cutters feature a groundbreaking design with exceptional functionality and performance. This heavy-duty utility cutter is helpful to cut foamboards in any shape.
  • Panel Connector Disc- It enables users to form their own free-standing display.
  • FSC Sheet Cutter 65”- This tool is an inexpensive finishing solution for all types of sign making in the graphic development business, working during the print process. It forms and cuts precise and debris-free items.
  • Foamwerks cutting tools: A superior line of cutting tools just designed to cut foamboard.
These are some of the most common foamcore cutting tools available at Use any of them according to your work application.

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