Why Foamboard is the Ultimate Choice for Your Diverse Needs

For people who have no idea of what foamcore is, this article will be of great help!

Foamboard is a lightweight material that is easy to cut in a desired shape using the right cutting tool. It is one of the most versatile substrates available on the market and is inexpensive as well. It can be used for photo prints, framing pictures, mounting, and painting.

Today, Foamboard is the most widely-used material for businesses. Advertising and printing firms use it to bring awareness about different products and services. It is also used in exhibitions to display paintings and posters. Foamcore can also be used for scale models as a structure physical demonstration, creating arts and crafts, and marketing displays. It is available in different types, each one employed for unique applications. 

Self-adhesive foamboard is durable and will not bend or crack. You can literally mount anything, like photos, designs, and even text. There are all-encompassing options available that will fit your unique needs. Select any size thickness according to your requirements. Self-adhesive foamboard is a preferred choice due to its extensive features, like long lasting, high durability, resistant to bending, no adhesive required, and much more. It comes in a wide range, including:
  • Self-adhesive Gatorfoam
  • Self-adhesive acid-free
  • Self-adhesive RynoBoard
  • Self-adhesive Sintra PVC
  • Self-adhesive posterboard
  • Self-adhesive JetMount
  • Self-Adhesive Coroplast
Self-adhesive Gatorfoam features durability, reliability and compliance. For mounting pictures and other items, this material does not require any hot mounting or lamination equipment; rather, it uses a pressure-sensitive cold adhesive. Just peel off the release liner, stick on your print, and press it down.

You can make customized photo frames with two-sided foam core. This material is a great alternative in making a presentation so you can quickly flip the board to show other topics. Get your message across to your audience by making presentations with it. Due to the supreme quality of the material, trade show organizers like to use foam core. It is also great as a bulletin board in schools to give important information to students.  

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Foamboard is the number one choice for businesses for displaying and promoting new products or services. You might have seen this versatile material in conference halls and at trade shows. The applications of this material is virtually limitless. School children use it to make various projects, like airplane models. Parents use it to make decorative items to showcase in their kids’ rooms to enhance the overall mood of the space. You can also make attractive 3D art and greeting cards. Give wings to your creativity and use foamboard to make exciting and versatile projects.

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