Get Desired Foamboard Shapes with Different Types of Cutting Tools

Foamboard is a strong and lightweight material, consisting of three layers: an inner layer of polystyrene or polyurethane foam clad with an outer facing on each side of either cotton archival paper, white clay-coated paper, or common brown craft paper.

It comes in different types, including PVC sheets, presentation, Gatorfoam, and a lot more. Foamboard can be used for a variety of different artistic projects, and is a helpful addition to any home. It is available in different sizes and thicknesses that can be cut into any shape to be used for your benefit. The hardness of the outer edges and layers of foamboard make cutting a challenging task. The most appropriate way to cut and shape the core is to make use of the right cutting tools; otherwise, you may end up with jagged edges.  

Whether you are using foamboard for artwork, a craft project or business presentation, it is essential to get neat and clean edges to accomplish your every project’s look successfully. With the aid of the right cutting tools, you will be able to get the desired shape perfectly. Below are some of the different foamboard cutting tools that will assist you in getting a neat finish:

Perimeter trim system- This easy-to-use perimeter trim system enables you to quickly install a decorative edge for mounting pictures and signs. This is an ideal tool to accomplish most DIY projects.

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Olfa Knife- It is one of the most commonly-used cutting tools that helps cut the material with perfection. Professional graphic artists and sign-making experts use it to cut foamcore in desired shapes. This popular and heavy-duty cutter consists of a contoured ABS handle, snap-off blade, side lock, and pocket clip/blade snapper. The snap-off blade makes sure that you always have a sharp edge when cutting the substrate.

These are the most common cutting tools. Visit the website at to get an extensive range of foamboard cutting tools that will enable you to cut the material in your choice of shape. It is the one-stop shop, delivering an all-encompassing range of the finest quality products at highly affordable prices. Get in touch today!

Use any type of foamboard and cutting tools with the help of Foamboardsource! Whether you have a personal or professional project, use this material and cut it into the desired shapes with the help of the right cutting tools.

Foamboard- An Advanced and Efficient Material for your Diverse Needs

Technological advancement in the business world has led to an outstanding breakthrough in almost every industry. Companies are coming up with innovative and efficient products, covering all-encompassing demands. Foamboard has witnessed extensive development in recent years.

It is a strong and lightweight material, consisting of three layers. An inner layer of polystyrene or polyurethane foam is covered with either cotton archival paper, white clay-coated paper, or common brown craft paper.

Foamboard is well-known for its extensive uses for a myriad of personal and work applications. It comes in diverse types, such as:
  • One-sided colored board
  • PVC
  • Acid free
  • Flame-resistant
  • JetMount
  • Rynoboard
  • Acrylic
  • Presentation
  • Styrene-faced
All these boards have exclusive features. For example, PVC sheets are widely used for display purposes, mounting, etc.

Foamboard is also known as foamcore and has been used across different industries. You will see its extensive applications in schools, offices, and homes.

Many advertisement and marketing companies use it to mount posters and ads of all kinds. At convention centers, conferences and tradeshows, foamcore is usually seen. 

Kids use this material for making DIY art and craft work. Wall art, photo frames, and decorative items are some of its simple applications.

You can go for self-adhesive boards as they do not require any additional pasting material. It is important to keep certain things in mind when cutting the board. Use the right cutting tools to get smooth, clean and bright surfaces.

Make attractive photo frames with it, and hang them in your living room to enhance the grace of the space. Also, you can make a fancy dress for your child. A popcorn box dress made out of foamboard will make your little one stand out from the crowd.

People will surely appreciate the innovative idea of designing a popcorn box dress with foamboard. However, ensure that your child is comfortable wearing it first. You can add posters to your kids’ rooms! Make cartoon characters, or paintings on it and hang them on their walls.

This versatile material comes in variety of categories, including pre-cut acrylic shapes, foil laminated foamboard, reflective, Coroplast, and dry erase boards. To display your highly valuable artwork, pick white acid-free foamboard as it can protect and preserve your work.

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Make your choice of item using this versatile material. Get any type of foamboard you want:
  • Colored foamboard
  • Presentation board
  • Sintra PVC sheets
  • Gatorfoam
  • Acid-free board
  • JetMount foamboard
  • Flame-resistant board
  • Rynoboard foamboard
  • Styrene-faced foamboard
  • Acrylic board
This list of foamboard available at It is just a tip of the iceberg.

Hurry up! Make the best use of this unsurpassed quality material for your varied applications.

Make Attractive and Magnificent Portraits with Versatile Gatorfoam

Gatorfoam is an outstanding and inexpensive way to liven up the walls in your workplace or home. With an extruded polystyrene foam mounting board enclosed between layers of a wood fiber veneer, this material is ideal for a myriad of personal and professional projects.

Gatorfoam can give your prints a sturdy and firm backing that is worth its cost. In case your next project demands a long-lasting display with flexibility, this is truly an excellent option. For prints, this type of foamboard offer a smooth surface and a great way to show off radiant images. Paste your family portraits on it and hang them on your rooms’ walls to preserve beautiful moments forever and to enhance the overall grace of the space. 

What makes Gatorfoam durable?

This type of foamboard has endurance in regard to any unforeseen pressure and is resistant to bending, folding, scratching and rupturing. This makes it quite durable! Also, it is very light in weight and can be easily hung on any wall. All these features make it an ideal option for presentations and exhibition displays.

The all-encompassing qualities and uses of Gatorfoam

Gatorfoam has a myriad of qualities, which make it a perfect option for many projects. It can be used in the advertising industry to display posters and other information. There is no need to worry about it getting damaged. All the credit goes to its compressed polystyrene foamboard and rock hard wood-fiber face liners. Gatorfoam is resistant to scratches, dents. It can be customized to accomplish individual requirements. You can print with any digital flat bed press, direct screen print graphic or image on it. Gatorfoam can be used in both interior and exterior settings. It can be used for a wide range of applications, such as craftsmanship displays, in business meetings and at events, or in marketing and advertising a product or service. You will often see this material in real estate setups.

Gatorfoam and other types of foamboard

Gatorfoam and other types of foamboard have unique properties and usefulness for particular applications. Use the right product according to your project requirements. Keep in mind to use the correct cutting tools to get even edges and desired shapes. 

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Lifespan of Gatorfoam

This type of foamcore has a longer life, provided you take proper care of it.

Best for the advertising and marketing industries

Foamboard is essential in the marketing world to display posters and build up a successful business. Printing on this material is a great strategic tool for companies looking to build a connection with their customers through visual means.

Where you can buy it?

Visit to get the best quality foamboard and other accessories at affordable prices. We are committed to delivering unsurpassed quality products to the customers.

There is no End to Creativity with Versatile Foamboard

If you have ever used foamboard, you must know the versatility of this fabulous material. It is great for both commercial and personal applications. It is also known as foamcore, and is highly appreciated for exceptional features including light weight, durability, sturdiness, etc.

With diverse types of foamboard, like Gatorfoam, PVC, and others, you can pick best one according to a particular work application. 

Gatorfoam excels where light weight, long lasting, robust, rigidity and warp resistance are prime considerations. It is available in different sizes including 3/16”, 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", and 2" thicknesses. It has foam in the middle with thin sheets of rigid resin impregnated paper as outer covering. These face liners make the material more durable and less prone to denting and warping. It comes with both adhesive and non-adhesive material; thus, this all-encompassing substrate can be used for a wide variety of projects. Below are some of the diverse applications of foamboard:

Holiday Decorations

Use foamcore to make holiday decorations! This is a cheap way to give a festive look to your space without spending loads of money on lavish, store-bought decorations. Cut out shapes that represent a specific holiday theme and paint/ draw on the material to make it fun and fabulous.

Craft Projects

Foamboard is unparalleled for a diverse range of crafts projects. It comes in different styles, such as plain, adhesive, acid-free, etc.  Properties like resistance to acid make it possible to use for scrapbooking projects. Make photo frames with it to decorate any wall of your home.

Wall Clocks

You can make a customized wall clock in your home with quality foamcore. Just drill a hole through the foamcore, put the arms through the hole and attach the battery pack to the back to make a working clock. Embellish the clock by pasting any pictures. You like Write numbers in an attractive way to enhance the look. Make it either simple and basic or decorate it according to your home décor. 

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Bulletin Board

Foamboard can be used to make a customized bulletin board. These display boards are necessary in schools and colleges to impart important information. Cover it with your choice of fabric and hang it on the wall. Put a frame around it to make it look more finished. The best thing about this material is that you can easily stick pushpins into it. Make a bulletin board for your home as well! You can place it in a central area for communication purposes. Even in workplace, you can use it to display photos and notes to yourself.

These are some of the different applications of foamcore. Make sure you use the right cutting tools to cut the foamboard and get desired shapes and even edges. At, you can get utmost quality products at affordable prices. 

Foamboard- An Affordable Material that can Change the Look and Feel of Kids’ Rooms

Kids are little bundles of joy and so should be there rooms! Every corner should shout, “Yes, it’s a little monster’s room.”

As parents, you strive to do the best for your children. Decorating their rooms is one of the ways to make them joyful. It will bring a smile to their faces and add a personalized touch to the room. Give any theme to a room with this material!

If money is a constraint, try using foamboard! Draw inspiration for the design of the kid’s room from their favorite cartoon characters be it is Pokémon, Tom and Jerry, or others. Make the cartoon character on board, color it, and hang it on any wall.

Before you start making a cartoon character, keep certain things in mind, including:
  • Choose customized foamboard in the desired size and type according to your requirements.
  • Keep all supplies, like colors, pencils, etc., out beforehand to save time.
  • Use the right cutting tools to get even edges and the desired shape of board.
  • The best thing about foamcore is that you can embed or paste anything on it. Add embellishments to the board, if desired.
By considering the above-mentioned points, you will certainly be able to create a masterpiece.

Indeed, foamboard needs no introduction as most people have become aware of this versatile material, and its all-encompassing applications. It has three layers: an inner layer of polystyrene or polyurethane foam is sandwiched between either a white clay coated paper, cotton archival paper, or common brown craft paper.

Foamboard can be used to make a myriad of DIY projects. Plus, it will not put any burden on your pocketbook. Give a new look and feel to your child’s room by making attractive characters on board, and paste them on the wall. Why not involve your children in making these characters. They will enjoy being part of the entire process. It will enhance their creativity and give it new wings!

Foamcore comes in extensive array of colors, sizes, and thickness. You have enough choices! Get custom-tailored boards as your project demands. The price varies with different parameters, including size, thickness, and type. 

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Choose any of them! Always use the right cutting tools to get even shapes. This will make a direct impact on your project. Get board in different types, such as PVC, Gatorfoam, acrylic, presentation, and many more. 

Gatorfoam is one of the foremost choices due to its diverse beneficial features, including high durability, great strength, light weight, resistant to dents, and rigidity. It also comes in different types like self-adhesive Gatorfoam. These boards do not require any pasting material.

Gatorfoam is a perfect choice for display purposes. Those who work in advertising use this versatile material to mount posters for display purposes. is the right place to get quality foamboard at cost-effective prices. You can accomplish your project needs by choosing any type of board here.

Why Foamboard is the Best Material for Advertising Companies

Are you hunting for a fast, easy and reasonable solution that can accomplish your advertising needs and get you ahead of the competition? Well look no further: choose foamboard!

Today, most businesses face challenges in promoting goods and services and branding themselves with a unique position. As with countless options, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one to stand out in the overcrowded business market.

In general, how do you think businesses are marketing their goods and services today? Most of you would say, digitally! This is true to some extent. People prefer digital advertising to showcase their work, but this is done primarily to create awareness on the global level.

If you have to target an audience in a particular geographic location, you would go for other means, like printing. This is one of the straightforward and easy techniques to make a significant impact on the public. 

Foamboard is an apt material for advertising firms. It is light in weight, robust and easy to cut and shape using the appropriate cutting tools. It is certainly one of the most ingenious and reasonably-priced options. You can print or mount posters on foamboard to advertise and attract audiences for a cost-effective price.

Sinta PVC is one of the types with a low-gloss matte finish. It is light weight, durable, and easily used for numerous applications. Despite being available in numerous colors, the starkness and contrast of white is still a standout. It is a dent, cut, and scrape resistant and can withstand scorching summer or resisting against chemical.

Foamcore comes in diverse types. Use it to make scale models, theater props, create arts and crafts, business presentations, and more. This will surely the be number one choice for small businesses, especially when promoting new products and services. This versatile material is ideal for tradeshows and exhibitions as well. It can maintain its versatility temporarily or for the long-term.

Self-adhesive foamboard can be printed directly on its surface with no pasting required.  Print anything of your choice; the sky is the limit! Paste photos, images, designs, and text.

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The next question is about foamboard sizes. Is there just one standard size or do you have options from which to choose? If yes, what are they? This versatile material comes in different sizes or can be custom cut to meet any task. You have encompassing printing choices: here are some of the most common:
  • Two-sided foamcore is ideal to display manifold messages about products and services of businesses when hanging from ceiling tiles. It is also ideal for presentations as you can quickly flip the board to reveal additional information.
  • You can laminate foamboard printing to extend the display’s life expectancy.
  • Heavy duty foamcore printing can be achieved by upgrading your material. It will last longer and is less likely to crack, bend, or fade.
Choose any type as per your work application!

All About Foamboard- What’s Best for Your Needs?

Foamboard is the most common substrate available on the market today used for mounting purposes. It comes in different thicknesses and is robust enough to stand on its own for presentations and displays. Get it in any style, including plain, self-adhesive, flame-resistant foamboard, etc. All of them have unique features and can cater to your exact needs. 

Plain foamboard: It comes either in white or black. Here, plain means that there is no glue on the board itself. This type of board enables individuals to use their own adhesive to apply several applications in the preferred way. If you have to mount your documents with a roll laminator, you will need mounting adhesive.

White foamboard has a bright white clay covered surface on both sides. It is a durable, rigid, and amazingly light weight foamboard that can be fashioned into any shape using right cutting tools.

Black foamboard is sandwiched between cap sheets of matte black-coated paper. It can be used for many applications that require black edges and surfaces. It can be used for photo mounting, presentations, and many more creative purposes.

Flame-resistant foamboard: It is highly acclaimed for trade shows and expos where fire safety is a concern. It is designed to resist ignition and combustion. The core is a bit more costly. If the venue you are showing in has certain fire code requirements use flame-resistant foamboard.

Self-adhesive foamboard: It is durable and can be used to mount posters without hot mounting equipment. It consists of a cold adhesive, which is pressure sensitive; thus, you just have to peel the cover, line up your print, and press down using a roller (called a brayer), for a more even application. 

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Acid-free foamboard: It is perfect for displaying large fine art media, photo prints, limited edition posters, and a lot more. It offers an acid-free barrier between the mounting board and artwork. Acid-free foamboard has a high degree of rigidity.

These are some of the foamboard styles. Get any of them according to your needs. To know diverse styles of foamcore, let’s look into its types:

PVC foamboard is lightweight, flexible, and corrosion resistant. Its thickness can vary between 1mm to 13mm. It is very convenient to work with this material: you can paint, print, and laminate according to your requirements. There are other boards as well like Gatorfoam. Read all the details before buying.

What Type of Foam Board Do You Require For Your Application

Foamboard is a strong and lightweight material that can be easily cut in any desired shape using the right cutting tools. It is available in different types and is used for all-encompassing applications. Mounting photos, advertisements, backing material in picture frames, etc., are just a few of its uses.
Foamboard generally consists of three layers, an inner one of polystyrene or polyurethane foam sandwiched between cotton archival paper, white clay coated paper, or common brown craft paper.

For picture framing, pick acid-free foamboard as it has a longer lifespan and does not leak acids into the artworks. PVC Sintra is another widely-used foamcore, having beneficial characteristics and numerous applications, such as architectural decoration. It is available in a variety types, such as:
  • Pressure-sensitive Sintra PVC foamboard: The self-adhesive coated Sintra PVC foamboard is robust and therefore ideal for photo mounting. Just peel and mount your picture on it. Get it in different thicknesses, such as 1, 2, 3, 6, and 13 mm. If you like, you can have an either one-sided or two-sided self adhesive board. PVC comes with both pressure-sensitive coating (self-adhesive) and without pressure-sensitive coating. Its exceptional features include high durability, resistant to dents, moderately heavy, and multitude applications. It is heavier than Gatorfoam and can bend slightly.
  • Sintra PVC foamboard: This durable PVC sheet can be extensively used for photo mounting, display construction, and other many other applications. Advertising companies use it to display posters and ads, etc.
Like other materials, this type of foamcore can be printed on, coated, or made in diverse colors. Rather than using usual wood materials, foamboards are unique and a good alternative choice for numerous applications. Another widely used core is Gatorfoam, which is further divided into different types, such as:
  • Self-adhesive Gatorfoam This is robust, consistent and multipurpose, and doesn’t need a hot mounting or lamination tool for displaying pictures and paintings. Having a pressure-sensitive cold adhesive helps it eliminate the need for any additional pasting material.
  • Plain Gatorfoam – It is a versatile and flexible foamboard that can be used according to one’s needs.
When buying any type of foamboard, the foremost thing to know are all the details regarding it. Be sure to shop in a store known for it’s expertise in delivering the best quality materials at affordable prices. 

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If you want to cut foamcore, make sure you use the right cutting tools. Even edges and desired shapes are possible only if you have proper cutting equipment.

The best thing is to note is that all of these materials are available in different colors, thickness, and sizes. You have plenty of options to choose from to find the right products as per your project needs.