Foamboard- An Affordable Material that can Change the Look and Feel of Kids’ Rooms

Kids are little bundles of joy and so should be there rooms! Every corner should shout, “Yes, it’s a little monster’s room.”

As parents, you strive to do the best for your children. Decorating their rooms is one of the ways to make them joyful. It will bring a smile to their faces and add a personalized touch to the room. Give any theme to a room with this material!

If money is a constraint, try using foamboard! Draw inspiration for the design of the kid’s room from their favorite cartoon characters be it is Pokémon, Tom and Jerry, or others. Make the cartoon character on board, color it, and hang it on any wall.

Before you start making a cartoon character, keep certain things in mind, including:
  • Choose customized foamboard in the desired size and type according to your requirements.
  • Keep all supplies, like colors, pencils, etc., out beforehand to save time.
  • Use the right cutting tools to get even edges and the desired shape of board.
  • The best thing about foamcore is that you can embed or paste anything on it. Add embellishments to the board, if desired.
By considering the above-mentioned points, you will certainly be able to create a masterpiece.

Indeed, foamboard needs no introduction as most people have become aware of this versatile material, and its all-encompassing applications. It has three layers: an inner layer of polystyrene or polyurethane foam is sandwiched between either a white clay coated paper, cotton archival paper, or common brown craft paper.

Foamboard can be used to make a myriad of DIY projects. Plus, it will not put any burden on your pocketbook. Give a new look and feel to your child’s room by making attractive characters on board, and paste them on the wall. Why not involve your children in making these characters. They will enjoy being part of the entire process. It will enhance their creativity and give it new wings!

Foamcore comes in extensive array of colors, sizes, and thickness. You have enough choices! Get custom-tailored boards as your project demands. The price varies with different parameters, including size, thickness, and type. 

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Choose any of them! Always use the right cutting tools to get even shapes. This will make a direct impact on your project. Get board in different types, such as PVC, Gatorfoam, acrylic, presentation, and many more. 

Gatorfoam is one of the foremost choices due to its diverse beneficial features, including high durability, great strength, light weight, resistant to dents, and rigidity. It also comes in different types like self-adhesive Gatorfoam. These boards do not require any pasting material.

Gatorfoam is a perfect choice for display purposes. Those who work in advertising use this versatile material to mount posters for display purposes. is the right place to get quality foamboard at cost-effective prices. You can accomplish your project needs by choosing any type of board here.

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