Get Desired Foamboard Shapes with Different Types of Cutting Tools

Foamboard is a strong and lightweight material, consisting of three layers: an inner layer of polystyrene or polyurethane foam clad with an outer facing on each side of either cotton archival paper, white clay-coated paper, or common brown craft paper.

It comes in different types, including PVC sheets, presentation, Gatorfoam, and a lot more. Foamboard can be used for a variety of different artistic projects, and is a helpful addition to any home. It is available in different sizes and thicknesses that can be cut into any shape to be used for your benefit. The hardness of the outer edges and layers of foamboard make cutting a challenging task. The most appropriate way to cut and shape the core is to make use of the right cutting tools; otherwise, you may end up with jagged edges.  

Whether you are using foamboard for artwork, a craft project or business presentation, it is essential to get neat and clean edges to accomplish your every project’s look successfully. With the aid of the right cutting tools, you will be able to get the desired shape perfectly. Below are some of the different foamboard cutting tools that will assist you in getting a neat finish:

Perimeter trim system- This easy-to-use perimeter trim system enables you to quickly install a decorative edge for mounting pictures and signs. This is an ideal tool to accomplish most DIY projects.

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Olfa Knife- It is one of the most commonly-used cutting tools that helps cut the material with perfection. Professional graphic artists and sign-making experts use it to cut foamcore in desired shapes. This popular and heavy-duty cutter consists of a contoured ABS handle, snap-off blade, side lock, and pocket clip/blade snapper. The snap-off blade makes sure that you always have a sharp edge when cutting the substrate.

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