What Type of Foam Board Do You Require For Your Application

Foamboard is a strong and lightweight material that can be easily cut in any desired shape using the right cutting tools. It is available in different types and is used for all-encompassing applications. Mounting photos, advertisements, backing material in picture frames, etc., are just a few of its uses.
Foamboard generally consists of three layers, an inner one of polystyrene or polyurethane foam sandwiched between cotton archival paper, white clay coated paper, or common brown craft paper.

For picture framing, pick acid-free foamboard as it has a longer lifespan and does not leak acids into the artworks. PVC Sintra is another widely-used foamcore, having beneficial characteristics and numerous applications, such as architectural decoration. It is available in a variety types, such as:
  • Pressure-sensitive Sintra PVC foamboard: The self-adhesive coated Sintra PVC foamboard is robust and therefore ideal for photo mounting. Just peel and mount your picture on it. Get it in different thicknesses, such as 1, 2, 3, 6, and 13 mm. If you like, you can have an either one-sided or two-sided self adhesive board. PVC comes with both pressure-sensitive coating (self-adhesive) and without pressure-sensitive coating. Its exceptional features include high durability, resistant to dents, moderately heavy, and multitude applications. It is heavier than Gatorfoam and can bend slightly.
  • Sintra PVC foamboard: This durable PVC sheet can be extensively used for photo mounting, display construction, and other many other applications. Advertising companies use it to display posters and ads, etc.
Like other materials, this type of foamcore can be printed on, coated, or made in diverse colors. Rather than using usual wood materials, foamboards are unique and a good alternative choice for numerous applications. Another widely used core is Gatorfoam, which is further divided into different types, such as:
  • Self-adhesive Gatorfoam This is robust, consistent and multipurpose, and doesn’t need a hot mounting or lamination tool for displaying pictures and paintings. Having a pressure-sensitive cold adhesive helps it eliminate the need for any additional pasting material.
  • Plain Gatorfoam – It is a versatile and flexible foamboard that can be used according to one’s needs.
When buying any type of foamboard, the foremost thing to know are all the details regarding it. Be sure to shop in a store known for it’s expertise in delivering the best quality materials at affordable prices. 

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If you want to cut foamcore, make sure you use the right cutting tools. Even edges and desired shapes are possible only if you have proper cutting equipment.

The best thing is to note is that all of these materials are available in different colors, thickness, and sizes. You have plenty of options to choose from to find the right products as per your project needs.

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