Why Foamboard is the Best Material for Advertising Companies

Are you hunting for a fast, easy and reasonable solution that can accomplish your advertising needs and get you ahead of the competition? Well look no further: choose foamboard!

Today, most businesses face challenges in promoting goods and services and branding themselves with a unique position. As with countless options, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one to stand out in the overcrowded business market.

In general, how do you think businesses are marketing their goods and services today? Most of you would say, digitally! This is true to some extent. People prefer digital advertising to showcase their work, but this is done primarily to create awareness on the global level.

If you have to target an audience in a particular geographic location, you would go for other means, like printing. This is one of the straightforward and easy techniques to make a significant impact on the public. 

Foamboard is an apt material for advertising firms. It is light in weight, robust and easy to cut and shape using the appropriate cutting tools. It is certainly one of the most ingenious and reasonably-priced options. You can print or mount posters on foamboard to advertise and attract audiences for a cost-effective price.

Sinta PVC is one of the types with a low-gloss matte finish. It is light weight, durable, and easily used for numerous applications. Despite being available in numerous colors, the starkness and contrast of white is still a standout. It is a dent, cut, and scrape resistant and can withstand scorching summer or resisting against chemical.

Foamcore comes in diverse types. Use it to make scale models, theater props, create arts and crafts, business presentations, and more. This will surely the be number one choice for small businesses, especially when promoting new products and services. This versatile material is ideal for tradeshows and exhibitions as well. It can maintain its versatility temporarily or for the long-term.

Self-adhesive foamboard can be printed directly on its surface with no pasting required.  Print anything of your choice; the sky is the limit! Paste photos, images, designs, and text.

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The next question is about foamboard sizes. Is there just one standard size or do you have options from which to choose? If yes, what are they? This versatile material comes in different sizes or can be custom cut to meet any task. You have encompassing printing choices: here are some of the most common:
  • Two-sided foamcore is ideal to display manifold messages about products and services of businesses when hanging from ceiling tiles. It is also ideal for presentations as you can quickly flip the board to reveal additional information.
  • You can laminate foamboard printing to extend the display’s life expectancy.
  • Heavy duty foamcore printing can be achieved by upgrading your material. It will last longer and is less likely to crack, bend, or fade.
Choose any type as per your work application!

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