Use Foamboard to make Wings for a Buzz Costume for your Child’s Annual Function

All schools host annual functions to celebrate foundation day. This is a great way to amuse children, instill leadership qualities, and build confidence. Dancing, singing, mime, and fancy dress are some of the events that add excitement to the celebrations. Children love participating and parents feel proud to see their kids performing so well.

For the fancy dress competition, kids are costumed in creative ways to engage the audience. If your child is participating in this competition, and you are looking for an affordable and unique outfit to make him or her stand out, then use acid free foamboard to make wings for a buzz costume. It is certainly an out-of-the-box idea, which will surprise everyone. You can paint them and create a glow for these pieces.

Foamboard is a versatile material that can be used for numerous applications. It is also known as foamcore and has all-encompassing features including lightweight, durability, and long life. It comes in different colors, thicknesses, and strengths. Make glowing wings for a buzz costume using foamboard. To make it, you will need several items, such as pasting material, a scale, pencil, some foamcore, etc.

Making wings is an easy task that will not consume much time. Make the size of the wings according to the proportions of your child. He or she should be comfortable wearing them. This is a new and creative way to prepare your kid for a fancy dress competition.

Foamboard has several other potential applications. It can be used for making signs and displays. In sign format, it can be hung in a window or attached to a wall. You can also use it to make bulletin boards for your classroom or workplace. Update people about an upcoming event or other important information by displaying it on the public bulletin board.

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This versatile material can also be used as a base layer for sculpture projects. Many artists use it to make architectural models and for mounting secondary prints. You might have seen foamcore used in advertising companies for mounting posters. Many people use it in their home for decoration purposes, like making attractive photo frames of any size and shape.

Foamboard has several exceptional features, which makes it a preferred choice for application in countless fields. It is sturdier than a sheet of paper or cardboard. However, it can be bent and, thus, used as a backing for valuable artwork. To use this material, you do not have to have any specific skills. Just make sure you use the right cutting tools to get clean, even cuts. You can purchase the foamboard needed for your project at Here, you will get foamboard in different thicknesses, types, and colors. Buy the right one that will cover your requirements.

Make Do-It-Yourself Ice Cream as a Craft Project Using Foam Board

Do-it-Yourself craft projects are all the rage right now, so why don’t you try your hand at some craft work in the comfort of your home? With countless options available, including making beautiful photo frames, storage boxes, among others, pick the one that appeals to you. Make a perfect DIY ice cream bar and keep it in your room as a decorative item. Use quality foamboard to make this unique and colorful lifelike craft work.

Step right up! Start the fun activity now! Make DIY ice cream, reinforced with sticks. Paint and decorate it with cut up straws. This will make it look edible and enticing. Choose any colors to paint the ice cream. You can make any number of ice cream bars to keep as decor in your room. Just make sure you use the right cutting tools to get even and desired shapes of foamboard. Keep the required supplies out to make the craft project in advance, including a pen, cutting tool, colors, straws, stick, and foamboard. This DIY craft work will be ready in a short time.

There is a diverse range of materials available for DIY crafts, but nothing can replace quality foamboard. This versatile material has numerous beneficial features. People are well aware of its exceptional characteristics such that they prefer it to accomplish their projects.

Foam core can accomplish your personal as well as corporate application requirements. It is lightweight, strong, and comes in a number of styles and colors. Some of its types include Sintra PVC, Gatorfoam, flame-resistant board, Rynoboard, acid-free, JetMount, presentation board, styrene-faced, and acrylic. All these boards have unique characteristics, exclusive properties and reasonable prices. Apart from the above-mentioned DIY ice cream craft, this material can be used to create different items such as models, notices, advertisements, attractive artwork, photo frames, etc. Many advertising companies use foamcore for display posters and other advertising materials. 

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Gatorfoam is one of the types made of extruded polystyrene sandwiched between two wood-fiber veneer sheets. It is harder and less prone to scratches and dents compared to regular foamcore. It is available in diverse thicknesses and colors, including white, light brown, and black. Sintra PVC is another sturdy board used for digital and screen printing and vinyl graphics. It is light in weight and made of closed-cell PVC foamboard.

Get foamboard in an all-embracing range of colors and thicknesses at Buy customized boards according to your work specifications. It is a good idea to use foamboard as a chief component for different projects because it offers unsurpassed results without emptying your pocketbook. Make perfect DIY party crafts, an attractive photo frame for your home, a bulletin board for your school or workplace, etc. at your convenience with quality foamboard.

Make an Ink Pad Storage Box Using Foamboard

Foamboard is a strong and durable material that can be used for countless purposes, such as mounting, decoration, and craft work. It comes in different types:
  • White and black colored foamboard
  • Sintra PVC
  • One-sided colored foamboard
  • Gatorfoam
  • Presentation
  • Styrene-faced
  • Acrylic
  • JetMount
  • Rynoboard
Each has unique characteristics and can be used for particular custom applications. 

Foam board is also known as foamcore. When it comes to creativity, nothing can be better than this effective material to get you going. It can be the best option for making a customized ink pad storage box that allows you to keep all your items organized in one place so they are easily accessible. This is indeed an inexpensive way of keeping things neat and making the best use of space. It is up to you how big or small you want your storage box to be.

Make a customized ink pad storage box! Divide the shelf into different columns to keep all your ink pads neat and tidy. Make sure that the dimensions are appropriate, enabling you to keep everything in a convenient and orderly way. You will need a variety of supplies to create a storage box. Keep glue, a ruler, pencil, cutting tools, etc. out beforehand to use them as needed and avoid any inconvenience. Creating an ink pad storage box using foamboard is an innovative and cost-effective idea.

This versatile material is also used in schools, offices, universities, and colleges to make bulletin boards to display information and give a message to everyone. It is also used in advertisement firms and at tradeshows for display purposes. Companies make posters and paste them on the board to impart information to the audience. 

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Artists use foamboard to make engaging architectural models. You can use foamcore to enhance the beauty of your space. Make different types of photo frames with it, such as the hanging or symmetrical type. Hang these beautiful photo frames on your rooms’ walls to keep memories fresh forever.

You now understand some of the best uses of foamboard. While this material has countless characteristics, it is important to use right cutting tools to avoid uneven edges. At Foamboard Source, you can get a wide range of premium-quality foamboard and related accessories at affordable prices. Visit the website at and get the boards in diverse colors, thickness, types, and strengths, according to your work necessities.

Make a Beautiful Foamboard Wreath to Augment your Wall Decor

Foamboard is a widely-used material for numerous DIY arts and crafts projects. Because of its beneficial features, including toughness, lightweight, and adaptability, it is the right choice for making decorative art pieces to beautify your home. Additionally, this substrate is easy to work with and can be cut into any shape with fine edges using the right cutting equipment.  You can make a foamboard wreath to enhance the grace of your space. Below are some of the things you will need:
  • Foamboard   
  • Colored papers
  • Ribbons
  • Colors
  • Pencil
  • Spray adhesive
  • Cutting tools

Here’s a quick guide on how to create a beautiful wreath using foamboard-
  1. Before you start, measure the wall as this will help you determine the right size when making the wreath.
  2. Using the right cutting tools, cut the foamboard carefully in round shape of the same sizes. It is imperative to use the appropriate cutting equipment to avoid uneven edges.
  3. Make sure these shapes can make a ring! Next, decorate it with the help of colored paper and ribbons. You can add more embellishments like colored flowers and paste them on the foamboard. Be careful to paste them properly and evenly.
  4. Now, gently start pressing the colored paper outwards to the edges to eliminate air bubbles.
  5. Take all foamboard circles and spray adhesives on the back and allow for two-three minutes to pass so the glue becomes tacky. Next, paste them in such a way that they form a ring.
  6. Your foamboard wreath is ready. Hang it on any wall of our house to give a boost to its appearance.

Adhering to the steps mentioned above will help you create a beautiful foamboard wreath to adorn your interior wall. This is not only an inexpensive DIY craft idea, but a good way to explore your creative side. There are several other ways to decorate your house such as customized photo frames made from this material to keep beautiful memories alive forever; they will enhance your look.

Get quality foamboard and cutting tools at and allow your creative side to come up with numerous innovative ideas to decorate your home at inexpensive prices. At Foambardsource, you can get unsurpassing quality products at cost-effective prices.

A Quick, Fun and Easy Foamboard Dollhouse

We all have observed the escalating demand for foamboard. There must be something really admirable about this multipurpose material!

Foamboard is well-known for its alluring characteristics. It is strong and durable and can be customized according to the individual’s needs. It is available in different thicknesses and types. Basically, it has three layers, an inner polystyrene or polyurethane layer sandwiched by either a white clay-coated paper, cotton archival paper or common brown craft paper. 

Make a customized dollhouse for your daughter using foamboard. Take proper measurements to build a beautiful house for her. Involve your little angel in creating a dollhouse to add fun and enjoyment to your relationship. This will also boost her creativity! Decorate it with beautiful and colorful lace adornment and special papers. Ask her what colors she wants. Design it in the best possible way by considering your kid’s preferences. Before you begin with the dollhouse design, it is best to group your supplies such as pencils, paints, glue, colored papers and ribbons and place them close to you. This will save time, and you will not have to trouble yourself searching wildly for everything later.

Making a customized dollhouse together with your child will make her thrilled and happy. This will encourage her to use foamboard to make other simple DIY craft projects. Use foamboard to create a masterpiece. It comes in several types, such as:
  • One-sided colored
  • Gatorfoam
  • Flame-resistant
  • PVC Sintra
  • Acid-free foamboard
  • White and black
  • Presentation
  • Rynoboard
  • Styrene-faced
Each has unique characteristics and particular work applications. Advertising companies use Gatorfoam to make displays. They are also used in exhibitions and at trade fairs. This type of board is strong and dent resistant. Posters create awareness about the goods and services of a business.

When using any type of foamcore, keep in mind to employ the right cutting tools. Get even edges and desired shape with the appropriate equipment!

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Foamcore can also be used in the workplace to make a tailored bulletin board. Every office needs such a board to give important messages to staff. Prepare a display board of any size according to your needs. 

You can also beautify your home by making wall art and customized photo frames with this multipurpose material. This is one of the easiest ways to improve the look and feel of the space at affordable prices.

What are you waiting for? Get the best quality foamcore at to make diverse projects. We are a reputed online store, known for delivering utmost quality cost-effective products. Here you will find all types of foamcore and cutting tools. Get in touch today!

Modern and Chic Photo Wall- Learn How to Mount Photos on Foamboard

This article is a great help for all those people inclined to learn how to mount photos on foamboard. This is perhaps the coolest and most awesome way to display your gorgeous family photos without hurting your pocketbook.

First you should know about foamboard. This versatile material is admired for its exceptional features, including being lightweight, sturdy and robust. It is used for all types of applications, like DIY craft projects, mounting purposes, and many more. Architectural students use it to make models of buildings and structures. Below are some of its
  • Firm and durable
  • Foamboard is generally between 3 and 13mm thick, approximately 1/8 to ½” respectively.
  • It is available in customized sizes and thicknesses. It can be as large as 48” x 96”and as small as 8” x 10”.
  • The standard and most common color is white, but you can also get it in a variety of other colors, such as black, red, blue, yellow, etc.
Let’s say that you have countless photographs of your darling kids and other family members. Some of the pictures may be really funny and weird. Capturing those beautiful live them time and again.

Decorate the walls of your home by displaying photos. Mount photos on foamboard to give a chic and modern look to the interior. You will need a few things to do this work:
  • Black or white foamboard
  • Photos printed on thick matte paper
  • Multipurpose spray adhesive
  • Cutting tools
  • Super glue
Learn how you can mount photos on foamboard by following these steps:
  1. Cut the foamboard larger than the size of your photo using the correct cutting tools. Note- it is essential to use appropriate equipment to get even edges and desired shapes.  
  2. Spray the foamboard with a spray adhesive and smooth down the photo. Make sure your photo is nicely pasted without any creases.
  3. Cut off the edges using a cutting tool.
  4. To make the photos stick out from the wall, cut out small rectangles and glue them together on the back of the board.  
  5. Lastly, hung the photos on the wall.
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These are the simple steps to display photographs on a wall. Hope you find it easy!

Make your wall looks super chic, modern and fun today! You will surely receive lots of compliments from people for the mounted photos and you, too, will love to see them.

You might be thinking about where you can get quality foamboard. Visit to get a myriad of products at affordable prices. We offer utmost quality boards at low cost. Get customized products today!

Make a House Model for your School Project using Foamboard

Foamboard is a lightweight and robust material made in three layers. The inner layer is polystyrene or polyurethane foam, with the outer ones being white clay coated paper, cotton archival paper or common brown craft paper. This multipurpose material comes in all types, including:
  • One-sided colored
  • Acid-free
  • PVC
  • Presentation
  • White and black
  • Rynoboard
  • Gatorfoam
All types of foamboard have unique characteristics and, thus, they can be used for particular work applications. 

Today, there is a significant increase in the demand for foamboard as more people have become aware of its exceptional features and diverse use in all kinds of projects. Its characteristics, such as high strength, durability, flexibility, and robustness make it very popular. Remember that when cutting the board, you need the right cutting tool to get even edges and desired shapes.

If a school teacher asked a student to make a model house, he or she can use foamboard to accomplish the assignment. This is the easiest way to make a house of any size for the school project. You will need certain things to help your child create this masterpiece including pencils, colors, glue, the right cutting equipment, etc. it is best to keep everything out beforehand to avoid any inconvenience later. Take proper measurements to prepare the model accurately.

There are several other applications for foamboard. Many advertising firms use this versatile material to make display posters. In this way, the professionals can promote the goods and services of a business with the public.

You can also make a bulletin board for your school or workplace. Make a tailored board to convey important information. A bulletin board is a necessity for every school and workplace. Decorate it as you wish by adding embellishments. 

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Foamboard can also be used for making photo frames in different styles, like the hanging type. You can gift photo frames to your friends on a special occasions like a birthday. Giving a personalized gift indicates your love and affection. Your loved one will be overwhelmed. Decorate your rooms’ walls by making customized photo frames. You can also make wall art using foamboard to decorate your house interior. This is the simplest way to decorate a room without hurting your pocketbook.

To get the best foamboard for different applications, promptly visit the website at Here you can get unsurpassed quality materials at affordable prices. Buy any type of foamcore as per your specific needs. You can rely on Foamboardsource to quickly find the highest quality products.

Make a Customized Jewelry Box Using Foamboard

Foamboard is a durable sheet that can be used for an extensive number of personal and professional applications. Whether you have to make a craft project for your school work or a customized bulletin board for your workplace, you will need this versatile material. It basically consists of three layers, an inner polystyrene or polyurethane layer sandwiched between either a white clay-coated paper, cotton archival paper, or common brown craft paper.

Foamboard can also be called foamcore and it comes in an all-encompassing range, including white and black, one-sided colored, Sintra PVC, Gatorfoam, etc. Each has diverse characteristics used for numerous applications. 

Here’s a great idea: make a customized jewelry box. Your accessories, like earrings, rings, and other small items are delicate, so handle them with care. Keep everything in one place in an organized way, so that you can get to them easily whenever needed. Divide the box by using foamboard to keep all your jewelry. The dimensions of the box should be such that it can hold accessories of all sizes. As a tip, keep your stationery, like glue, scale, pencil, and chart beforehand to avoid any inconvenience. Making a jewelry box using foamboard is an innovative project that will not put any burden on your pocketbook. Indeed, it is one of the most inexpensive ways to keep accessories properly without causing any wear and tear. Make a customized box of any size according to your necessity. You can, add glitter and colored papers to make the receptacle decorative.

Foamboard has several exceptional features, including light weight, durability, etc.; hence, it can be used for numerous applications.

You have no doubt seen bulletin boards in schools, offices, universities, and colleges. Use this effective material to make a customized size display. Even advertising companies use foamboard for mounting and display purposes. Posters and other advertisements can be viewed on this material to convey message to an audience about the goods and services of a business. 

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You can also use this material to make decorative items for your children’s rooms. Make their favorite cartoon character on this core or use it to make tailored photo frames, like symmetrical ones, and hang them on a window or a wall. Artists use it to make engaging architectural models. They are often used in exhibitions to display beautiful paintings. Thus, the applications of foamboard are endless: use it according to your project demands.

Foamboard has a gamut of characteristics, so use it accordingly. Shop at to get the best quality material at reasonable prices. With Foamboardsource, you will get utmost quality board. Be sure to purchase the right cutting tools to get clean and even cuts.