Make an Ink Pad Storage Box Using Foamboard

Foamboard is a strong and durable material that can be used for countless purposes, such as mounting, decoration, and craft work. It comes in different types:
  • White and black colored foamboard
  • Sintra PVC
  • One-sided colored foamboard
  • Gatorfoam
  • Presentation
  • Styrene-faced
  • Acrylic
  • JetMount
  • Rynoboard
Each has unique characteristics and can be used for particular custom applications. 

Foam board is also known as foamcore. When it comes to creativity, nothing can be better than this effective material to get you going. It can be the best option for making a customized ink pad storage box that allows you to keep all your items organized in one place so they are easily accessible. This is indeed an inexpensive way of keeping things neat and making the best use of space. It is up to you how big or small you want your storage box to be.

Make a customized ink pad storage box! Divide the shelf into different columns to keep all your ink pads neat and tidy. Make sure that the dimensions are appropriate, enabling you to keep everything in a convenient and orderly way. You will need a variety of supplies to create a storage box. Keep glue, a ruler, pencil, cutting tools, etc. out beforehand to use them as needed and avoid any inconvenience. Creating an ink pad storage box using foamboard is an innovative and cost-effective idea.

This versatile material is also used in schools, offices, universities, and colleges to make bulletin boards to display information and give a message to everyone. It is also used in advertisement firms and at tradeshows for display purposes. Companies make posters and paste them on the board to impart information to the audience. 

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Artists use foamboard to make engaging architectural models. You can use foamcore to enhance the beauty of your space. Make different types of photo frames with it, such as the hanging or symmetrical type. Hang these beautiful photo frames on your rooms’ walls to keep memories fresh forever.

You now understand some of the best uses of foamboard. While this material has countless characteristics, it is important to use right cutting tools to avoid uneven edges. At Foamboard Source, you can get a wide range of premium-quality foamboard and related accessories at affordable prices. Visit the website at and get the boards in diverse colors, thickness, types, and strengths, according to your work necessities.

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