Use Foamboard to make Wings for a Buzz Costume for your Child’s Annual Function

All schools host annual functions to celebrate foundation day. This is a great way to amuse children, instill leadership qualities, and build confidence. Dancing, singing, mime, and fancy dress are some of the events that add excitement to the celebrations. Children love participating and parents feel proud to see their kids performing so well.

For the fancy dress competition, kids are costumed in creative ways to engage the audience. If your child is participating in this competition, and you are looking for an affordable and unique outfit to make him or her stand out, then use acid free foamboard to make wings for a buzz costume. It is certainly an out-of-the-box idea, which will surprise everyone. You can paint them and create a glow for these pieces.

Foamboard is a versatile material that can be used for numerous applications. It is also known as foamcore and has all-encompassing features including lightweight, durability, and long life. It comes in different colors, thicknesses, and strengths. Make glowing wings for a buzz costume using foamboard. To make it, you will need several items, such as pasting material, a scale, pencil, some foamcore, etc.

Making wings is an easy task that will not consume much time. Make the size of the wings according to the proportions of your child. He or she should be comfortable wearing them. This is a new and creative way to prepare your kid for a fancy dress competition.

Foamboard has several other potential applications. It can be used for making signs and displays. In sign format, it can be hung in a window or attached to a wall. You can also use it to make bulletin boards for your classroom or workplace. Update people about an upcoming event or other important information by displaying it on the public bulletin board.

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This versatile material can also be used as a base layer for sculpture projects. Many artists use it to make architectural models and for mounting secondary prints. You might have seen foamcore used in advertising companies for mounting posters. Many people use it in their home for decoration purposes, like making attractive photo frames of any size and shape.

Foamboard has several exceptional features, which makes it a preferred choice for application in countless fields. It is sturdier than a sheet of paper or cardboard. However, it can be bent and, thus, used as a backing for valuable artwork. To use this material, you do not have to have any specific skills. Just make sure you use the right cutting tools to get clean, even cuts. You can purchase the foamboard needed for your project at Here, you will get foamboard in different thicknesses, types, and colors. Buy the right one that will cover your requirements.

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