Choose any type of Gatorfoam as your Project Demands

The eminence of foamboard is recognized by everyone. Owing to its rich properties, this effective material is being used in homes, school and offices for a myriad of applications. It is versatile, lightweight and durable, and can be easily cut into any shape with the help of the right cutting tools.

Use foamboard for mounting pictures, making photo frames and other craft work. It comes in different types, namely White and Black, One-sided Colored, Sintra PVC, Gatorfoam, Acrylic, Acid-free, Flame Resistant, and JetMount and Ryno board.

Those searching for a board for mounting, exhibitions and presentation purposes, choose Gatorfoam. It is also perfect for digital and screen-printing. Gatorfoam is a three-layered board; the middle one is extruded polystyrene covered by Luxcell wood-fiber veneer on both sides. It is lightweight, multipurpose and consistent that can be used for both commercial and non-commercial applications. This type of board comes in black, white and a natural finish. Use this versatile material to explore your creativity and come up with innovative ideas. You can use any type of Gatorfoam for your project. Below are the details of some:
  • Self-adhesive Gatorfoam- It is popularly known for its sturdiness, reliability and adaptability. This type of board does not require any hot mounting or lamination tool to display pictures. It comes with a pressure sensitive cold adhesive designed to stick your prints. Make any DIY mounting pictures and other craft projects with it. 
  • Plain Gatorfoam- It can be used in major applications. Known for the versatility and flexibility, this type of foamboard is perfect for projects requiring high stability and durability. You can easily work with this material in many ways.
  • Heat-Activated- It comes with a special adhesive for steadiness and bonding of mounting material.
These are some of the different types of gatorfoam. If you are looking for a quality foamboard that offers sturdiness and versatility, then Gatorfoam should be your choice. You can even make several decorative items with it. Beautify your space by making a gamut of things with it. 

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Also, you can make personalized gift with foamboard. The receiver will be delighted to see it. This is certainly an easy and affordable way to show your love to a close friend. Use it as your project demands! Get the best quality foamboard at Check out their affordable and all-encompassing materials. This online store does not compromise with the quality of its products. You will get excellent quality board at the best prices at

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