Make a Desk Organizer Using Foamboard to keep everything in an Orderly Way

Foamboard is a versatile material that has gained huge popularity due to its all-encompassing features. It is a thin and flexible polystyrene board used for many applications. It is strong, lightweight, and available in different dimensions.

You can get it in any size and thickness, according to your project’s demands. Try various DIY craft projects with it. A ground-breaking and ingenious use of foamboard would be to make a desk organizer to keep everything well-organized.

Divide the desk organizer into two, three or four tiers, according to your personal requirements. Add a professional touch to your creation by using different colors, prints, and fixtures to decorate it. To arrange all your items properly, make sure you divide the layers correctly. Keeping everything in its proper place reduces the possibilities of damage. Make your own desk organizer box with foamboard and save money. Plus it looks great! Prior to creating this craft wok, make sure you have all the required supplies on hand such as tape, pencil, colored papers, etc.

The outer surface of foamboard is hard, whereas the inner side is soft. Thus, it can be a challenging job to cut it. It is essential to use the right cutting tool to get even edges and the desired shape. Apart from making a customized desk organizer, foamboard can be used for other applications, including displaying artwork, pictures, and numerous crafts projects. 

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PVC board is used in the advertising and marketing industry to display posters and artwork. It has several exceptional features, such as moisture, weathering, heat, acid, and flame resistance. PVC is further divided into different types:
  • Pressure-sensitive Sintra PVC foamboard: It has a self-adhesive coating; thus, your efforts are minimized to display items. Just peel and mount on the board. It is available in varied thicknesses, including 1, 2, 3, 6, and 13 mm.
  • One or two-sided self-adhesive Sintra PVC foamcore: It is durable, dent resistant, and moderately heavy.
  • Sintra PVC foamboard: It is an enormously durable PVC sheet often used for promotional advertisement. It is available with or without pressure-sensitive coating.
Use any type of foamboard as your project demands!

Those who want foamboard for display purposes can go for thicker boards that are more stable and can be balanced easily. One of the biggest advantages is that you can pierce it with pushpins and thumbtacks.

Many people use this versatile material for commercial and personal work. You can also use it as per your project requirements. This is certainly one of the best materials covering innumerable needs.

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