Make a Headboard for your kid’s Bed Using Quality Foamboard

Want a stylish, handmade headboard for your kid’s bed to rest on while he is dozing off? Store-bought headboards are very generic and pricey. If you want something a little thriftier and unique, make a headboard yourself. Foamboard is the right material for this project. It has all-encompassing DIY craft applications in its sleeves. Keep reading to learn how to make a headboard!

  • Choose the right foamboard- Select the right foamcore that you can fashion into a headboard. The head rest should be even with the width of the bed. Choosing foamboard as the main material will not break your bank account.
  • Cut the headboard material in your bed’s dimensions- While some headboards can be larger than the bed’s width, most of them line up exactly as wide as the bed. Know how wide your bed is and mark the measurements on the foamboard. Use the right cutting tool to cut the material accordingly. Remember to be careful with your cutting and the tool used. You can always cut more off, but you can never add more on. If you are unsure about the measurements, cut off a little first, and more if needed. Remember, it is essential to use right cutting tools to get desired shapes and even edges.
  • Cut padding for the headboard- Obviously, you want your headboard to be soft, so drape padding over the head rest and trace an outline around its edges. Cut it in such a way that it can fit perfectly over the headboard.
  • Use a spray fixative to attach the padding to the back of the foamcore- Make sure that the fixative you choose works with the padding. Spray it on the padding for adhesion.
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  • Use a nice fabric on the top to make the headboard attractive- Use a beautiful fabric on the padding to make the head rest look attractive.
  • Iron any wrinkles out of your headboard fabric- It is best to hit the fabric with a little bit of steam before draping it over the headboard. Ignoring this step can give a less professional look to the head rest.
  • Line up the pattern of the fabric with the headboard and start pasting - Use a good adhesive to paste the fabric. Paste well! Take care around corners and rounded parts. Pull the fabric taut particularly over rounded parts and edges.
  • Attach the headboard to your wall- It can be done in numerous ways, including sliding the headboard between the bed and the wall, enabling the two props for balance. This will not require any construction work; just ensure that your headboard extends all the way down to the floor.
This is a simple and cost-effective DIY project. Contact to get the best boards at affordable prices. Make a headboard for your child’s bed today!

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