Make a Pretty Foamboard Garland to Give a Fun and Festive Look to Your Home

Garlands can be fun and easy to make. Use them as decorative items for an event, party, or even your bedroom. They can enhance the overall appeal of the space. There are different materials available to make garlands; however, nothing can replace quality foamboard.

Today, the popularity of this versatile material is reaching the sky. It has all-encompassing features, including light weight, durability, and sturdiness and can be used for numerous do-it-yourself craft projects. Add a fun and festive look to your house by making a pretty gatorfoam garland. It is an exciting activity that will not take enormous time. Read the following steps to make a colorful garland- 

Get quality foamboard and colorful paper: Use supreme quality foamcore and scrapbooking paper to make your garland. Get either the same or two to three different colors of paper. For example, you could have a light blue, a medium blue, and dark blue. 

Use the right cutting tool: Cut the foamcore in a circular shape with the right cutting tool. It is essential to use appropriate tools to get even edges and desired shapes. Now, cut the scrapbooking papers according to the size of foamcore. 

Paste scrapbooking paper on foam core: Use an adhesive to stick circular-shaped scrapbooking paper on the foamcore.

Line up the shapes in a straight line: Arrange different sizes and prints in a random or specific pattern.

Use a thin thread to glue these shapes: Draw a line of glue on the back of the foamcore. Now, place the thin thread over it. Press it to paste properly.   

Use a string to hang the circular-shaped foamcore: You can leave a long tail on the top of the thin thread so that you will be able to hang your garland with it. 

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Repeat the process with the rest of the shapes. You can make the garland as long as you want. Make sure you give sufficient time for the glue to dry before hanging your garland.
Depending on how much glue you used, this can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a day. Make your room’s wall beautiful with this simple DIY craft.   

This is one of the easiest way to add fun and festive look to any space. There are many more ways to enhance a room’s appeal. Paste a beautiful print on gatorfoam to decorate a house wall. This board is suitable for display purposes due to its basic features like sturdiness, long-lasting and dent resistance. Buy quality of gatorfoams and foamboards at Use the right foamcore as your project demands!

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