The Right Foamboard Cutting Tools Provide Even Edges and Desired Shapes

Foamboard is a lightweight, strong and durable material that comes in different sizes and thicknesses. You can leverage your commercial and personal needs by using it. Many advertising and marketing industries use it for displaying posters, ads and other public annooncements.

The inner surface of the board is soft, whereas the outer is hard. Therefore, it is a bit challenging to cut the material. Below are a few appropriate cutting tools to  help you get even edges:  
  • Perimeter Trim System- If you want decorative edges, this is the perfect tool. Using it is extremely easy! 
  • Olfa Knife- This cutters has an innovative design with excellent functionality and performance. It is a heavy-duty utility cutter that can cut foamboard in any shape.
  • Panel Connector Disc- It allows users to make their own free-standing display.
  • FSC Sheet Cutter 65”- It is an inexpensive finishing solution for all types of sign making in the graphic arts business during the print process. It can make and cuts precisely as well as debris-free.
  • Foamwerks cutting tools: A superior line of cutting tools that cuts foamboard.
Ensure that you use the right cutting tool! Foamboard is available in various types, including presentation, acrylic, PVC sheets, and Gatorfoam.

Gatorfoam board is well-known for its myriad applications. It has both hard and smooth surfaces. It is used by designers, photo mounters, engineers, artists, sign painters, and architects. You can make a bulletin board and other projects that demand high strength using this board. Gatorfoam has exceptional features, including durability and constancy. This board can be further divided into different types:

  • Plain Gatorfoam: It is used in numerous applications and well-known for its versatility. It is strong and dent-resistant.
  • Heat-activated: It uses heated a roll laminator, clamshell and vacuum presses to mount materials easily. It consists of a special adhesive for strong bonding and mounting purposes.
  • Self-adhesive Gatorfoam: It does not require any lamination equipment or hot mounting. It possesses numerous features and is a pressure-sensitive cold adhesive. 
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Each of these boards has exclusive characteristics and can be used for a gamut of applications. Select wisely as your project demands making sure to use the right cutting implement.

Cutting a foamcore with perfection is not an easy task, especially for those who lack knowledge of the right techniques. Whether you are using foamboard for office or personal use, it is vital to use specially-designed tools for certain applications.

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