Use Foamboard to Make a Clown Photo Prop

I recently came across an endearing clown poster for my son’s bedroom and wanted to surprise him by making it as a photo prop for his birthday party. I started exploring my options of a perfect material on the market. Once I started looking, I was perplexed as I could not find even a single one that would match my requirements. First, I was seeking a safe material for young children. Second, it should not be very heavy or breakable. Third, it has to be inexpensive.

Getting nowhere in the pursuit of finding an appropriate material, I became very disappointed. Then in one of the nearby shops, my eyes fell on foamboard, a well-known material. The product is very lightweight, can be black, white or colorful, and it is reasonable at the same time. At first glance, I was sure that choosing foamboard for my purpose was the right decision. I started the project full of excitement and made the best use of my creative abilities to fashion the final product. The clown photo prop turned out to be extremely cute, colorful and inexpensive. It was the hit of the party just the way I was hoping. It cost me just a few bucks but made my soon extremely happy. My child’s happiness was most important to me!

I had no idea that amalgamating foamboard and creativity would result in something so nice. The clown photo prop certainly added spark to the whole celebration. People appreciated me making this whimsical prop. For others facing the same need, foamboard is a good option--particularly for those searching for a budget friendly material that is lightweight, durable and perfect to accomplish their project specifications.

Foamboard is versatile and consists of a resilient extruded polystyrene core sandwiched between two layers of bleached, semi-gloss white clay-coated paper. It can also be used for prototypes, screen printing and die cutting.

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Attention to detail in choosing the right material will go a long way in demonstrating your unknown talents to the people close to you. Ensure you make the right choice in picking the correct material for your project. Using foamboard for a clown photo prop will make the artwork much finer and boost the fun level of your celebration. 

You can mount it at any corner of your house to enhance the appearance of your space. Buy any kind of foamboard at afordable price with

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