Do-it-Yourself Foamboard Crafts and Fixes

Foamboard can be a quick, low-priced and lightweight solution around for your all-encompassing household and project needs. Whether you want a quick and easy craft, you are a renter looking for temporary decorating solutions, or you are on a budget, this multifaceted material can accomplish your individual requirements. There are countless possible uses. Below are some of the best ideas for this handy material. 

Budget-Friendly Foamboard Crafts:

Hanging curtains: Those on a budget or do not want to deal with wood or a saw, can use foamboard pelmet boxes. This is an inexpensive, but chic solution. These boxes are easy to make and give a polished look to a room. You can use any fabric to make a unique style statement.

Headboard: Foamcore and fabric apparently make a good pair as they can also be used to fabricate a cheap, lightweight headboard that can add an idiosyncratic, personal touch to your bed and, in fact, entire bedroom.

Hanging art without a frame: Getting wall art framed can cost more than the art itself. Therefore, it is wiser to use foamboard that give a sleek, modern look to your walls.

Add temporary color to your bookcases: With some paint, fabric and foamboard, you can add color or pattern to your bookcases. This is a great way to make your bookshelves look amazing.

Wallpaper: Foamboard is one of the best paste-only temporary wallpaper solutions. It won't look exactly the same as a real wallpaper job, however, if there is a print you love, you can paste it on the foamcore and hang it up or prop it against the wall to get the look. 

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Final Words

These are some of the simple and useful foamcore crafts and fixes. Foamboard comes in customized sizes and colors, buy from us today at Use this versatile material as your project demands.

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