Make an Attractive Vertical Hanging Sculpture Using Foamboard to Beautify Your Wall

Foamboard is a versatile, robust and lightweight material that can be used for numerous applications, such as interior decoration, artwork, and displaying pictures. It is used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. It can be cut into any shape with the help of right cutting tools. Get even edges and desired shape using the appropriate equipment. 

Make an attractive vertical hanging sculpture using foamboard to beautify the walls of your home. You will need certain supplies to complete the decorative piece. Keep pencils, colors, the right cutting tool, accessories, pasting material and colored paper arranged beforehand so that you do not have to look for anything while working on the project. It is best to use foamboard to make vertical hanging sculpture as it is dent resistant, durable and pocketbook-friendly.

Decorate your home exceptionally with this handmade hanging sculpture. You can completely spruce up a space with it. Use any color combination to make beautiful wall art. Go for a red and white or blue and white color combination for a lively look.

Today, many people are aware of the uses of foamcore. They employ it for diverse commercial and non-commercial applications. This versatile material is economical, sturdy, flexible and, thus, a preferred choice. 

Foamcore is well-known for its efficient characteristics and can be used for many mounting purposes. It is perfect in schools and workplaces to display notices, announcements, and other important public information. It comes in different sizes, colors and thicknesses. You can use colored board, Gatorfoam, Sintra PVC, acid-free, presentation, JetMount, Roboid, Styrene-faced, and acrylic boards. Each has unique applications. If you want to mount valuable artwork, choose the white acid-free board as it will protect your valuable work. On the other end, pick a plain foamboard for temporary mounting applications.

Foamcore is available in several other categories, including pre-cut acrylic shapes, cake board, foil laminated foamboard, Coroplast, reflective foamboard, and dry erase boards. You will need certain cutting tools to cut the foamboard into desired shapes. These tools can be Olfa Knife products, FoamWerks cutting tools, sign holders, Fletcher substrate cutters, panel connectors, perimeter trim and lineal, edge trims, and spray adhesives. It is essential to use the correct tools to get even edges and the required shape.

Foamboard is available in different types; so, go for the one that works best for your project. This versatile material is available in different sizes and colors, offering an extensive choice. is the place to get quality and affordable material.

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