Make Life Size Stand-ins using Foamboard for Corporate Events

We all love life size stand-ins, allowing us to stick our face through a hole and take photos. These foamboard images are large in size, comparable to the average person, with just a place where people can stick their faces to fun take photos. 

Corporate events can be monotonous and time-consuming, loaded with long speeches highlighting the many achievements of the company. In most cases, the employees may not even want to be a part of the event if it is boring and takes them away from things they could otherwise be doing. But, by bringing life-size stand-ins to the party, you can certainly add amusement and interest to a celebration.
Use foamboard to make a life-size stand-in for your business event. This is the best way to boost the fun and make everybody happy and want to stay. People will love to get clicked with these stand-ins. You can use the picture of any celebrity of your choice. 

Foamboard is the right material for this type of work. It has all-encompassing features, including high strength, durable, easily available, etc. Make sure you use the right cutting tool to avoid jagged edges and get the desired shape.

Apart from including stand-ins at the corporate events, you can use one for the birthday celebration of your little bundle of joy. It is best to illustrate your kid’s favorite cartoon character. He or she will be glad to see it. Plus, your guests will be delighted to get their pictures clicked with this backdrop. You can even make many other props using foamboard to add a fun element to the party. Also, make several decorative items with this versatile material to give a festive feel to the event. Involve your kids in this simple DIY craftwork. You never know; they might surprise you with their creative ideas!
Many people have become aware of the uses of foamboard for their personal and professional work. You can also use it as your project demands. It comes in different types, such as Gatorfoam, PVC Sintra, etc. Each has unique features and can be used for particular purposes. So, get the right one according to your necessities.

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