Decorate your House with Foamboard Printing

Your home is a reflection of your personality. You spend a lot of time and money deciding about furniture and wall color. Most of us ignore how we can decorate these walls. 

While picking out décor for your home, you may consider non-conventional materials, such as foamboard, as it offers countless options to personalize the space. It is strong and affordable and can be used for displaying wedding photos or custom artwork. Foamcore printing can be used for different types of décor projects, including:
  • Exhibiting accolades, like your college degree
  • Displaying wedding or maternity photos
  • Showcasing original artwork or handwritten quotes
  • Creating picture collages or a living Instagram wall
Foamboard printing is the perfect modernized display for stunning images.  It is a creative and inexpensive way to display beloved photos or artwork. Instead of spending a fortune on framing, mount your high quality images on sturdy foamcore instead.

This multipurpose material is perfect for mounting colorful images and keeping them vibrant longer. You can fashion an amazing display of customized image.

You can also gift foamcore printing to a loved one on special occasions, like a birthday or anniversary. This adds a personalized touch that delights the receiver.  This effective material comes in different types, such as Presentation, PVC Sintra, Acrylic, and Gatorfoam. All have unique characteristics and are used for particular applications. 

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Gatorfoam is a lightweight material that can be hung on walls with little effort. It has rigid a surface. It is a great option for displaying artwork or photos in kids’ rooms. It is not acid-free and, therefore, if you want to print something for archival purposes, it is best to use another type of foamcore.

Presentation is a type of foamcore that is lightweight, durable, and perfect for a myriad of applications. Get your choice of material in any size with one side color at Foamboardsource to accomplish your commercial and professional projects needs with ease.

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