Foamboard Offers Endless Options to Show your Creativity

If you have ever used foamboard, you probably know about its all-encompassing features. It is an excellent material for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. There are endless options for you to show your creativity with this versatile material. Listed below are some of them:

Craft Projects

Foamboard is a robust material that can be used to accomplish an extensive range of DIY craft projects. It is available in a plain, heat-activated, self-adhesive and acid-free version. Acid-free boards are used for scrapbooking projects as they do not cause any harm to photos or souvenirs. If a project demands a thick, sturdy material, this is an exceptional alternative that will add dimension along with elegance to your project.

Architectural Models

This multipurpose material can be used to make architectural models. Use the right cutting tool to cut foamcore to get the desired shapes.

Wall Art

Wall art is never outdated. It can enhance the appeal of any space effectively. So, make beautiful wall art on foamboard to augment your home’s decor and homey feel. You can also make photo frames with it to keep lovely moments alive forever.

Fancy Dress

You can make a fancy dress out of foamcore. Make a popcorn dress with this versatile material for the fancy dress school competition of your child. This is an innovative way that will surely amaze the audience. Surely, people will appreciate the cleverness of making a dress out of foamboard.

Holiday Decorations

The festive season is coming and it is one of the best times to use foamcore for holiday decorations. It is a pocketbook-friendly way to give a festive feel to your space. Cut out shapes that resemble a specific holiday and paint or draw on the foamboard to make it cheerful and fun. For example, for Christmas celebrations, you can make a collection of candy canes for the Christmas tree.

Wall Clocks

You can make an attractive clock for your home with the help of foamboard. All you need is a battery pack attached to clock arms. Drill a hole through the foamcore, put the arms through the hole and attach the battery pack to the back to make a working clock. Explore your creativity and make the wall clock attractive by adding a few embellishments.

Bulletin Board

Use foamcore to make a bulletin board for your home, school or workplace. Cover it with fabric and hang it on a wall. Give it a more refined look by putting a frame around it. The best thing about foamboard is that you can stick pushpins into it quite easily. Make a bulletin board for your child’s bedroom, or the kitchen area. This will be very beneficial to have communication with other family members. You can create one for your office or personal space to display photos and notes to yourself.
These are some of the extensive uses of foamcore. At, you can get the best products at cost-effective prices.


Foamboard is a multipurpose material, known for its robust and durable nature. Use it to accomplish your numerous project needs.

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