Select the Right Foamboard for your Application

Foamboard is a lightweight, easy-to-cut material that can be used for mounting photographs and many other DIY craft projects. It is a versatile material best used for various commercial and non-commercial purposes. What makes this material versatile and popular? Well, it has several features, such as multipurpose uses, durability, etc. Due to foamboard’s lightweight property, it is easy to cut, which makes the material a preferred choice for mounting photographs.  

This versatile material is made of three sturdy sections; the inner layer is polystyrene and the outer layers can be semi-gloss or white clay-coated paper. The best thing about foamcore is that it can be easily cut into any shape using the right cutting tools; thus, you can use it for interior designing and architectural models.

Foamcore is available in different types, including Gatorfoam, PVC, Presentation, Self-adhesive, and many more. Each of these boards has unique features and applications. Let’s discuss about them in brief:
  •  Gatorfoam- a preferred material for numerous applications. Featuring high durability, great strength and rigidity, it is perfect for mounting photographs. It comes in different types: Self-Adhesive Gatorfoam and Heat-activated.
  • PVC foamboard- is used extensively for outdoor purposes. You can make an attractive door hanger with it. PVC’s chemical composition is polyvinyl chloride. It is lightweight and resistant to moisture, chemicals, and corrosion.
  • Self-adhesive- extensively used for cold mounting photos and artwork.
These are some of the different types of foamcore. The question now arises as to how you will figure out which foamboard is best for your project. Listed below are tips that will help you choose the right one:

Choosing size and thickness

Over time, foamboard has become popular due to its numerous benefits and outstanding properties. It is considered an effective material for display purposes. It is also ideal for framing and die cutting, and it comes in customized sizes, according to your requirements. Also, it is available in different thicknesses, such as ½”. 3/16”, etc. Thus, it is best to choose the product according to your specific project needs.

Choosing the right type of foamboard

This multipurpose material comes in different types. All foamboards have unique properties and applications. For example, for mounting purposes, Gatorfoam is the best choice, whereas for outdoor decoration, you should select PVC. Thus, use the right material as your project demands.

Though foamboards are convenient to work with, it is essential to keep certain things in mind. Always use right cutting tools to cut the board to get even as well as desired shapes.

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Foamboard is a versatile material that can be used for numerous applications. Choose the right type of board as your project demands. 

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