5 Brilliant Reasons why Foamboard Is Perfect for Arts and Crafts Projects

Owing to its favorable properties such as light weight, versatility, durability, etc. foamboard is a preferred choice for both commercial and non-commercial applications. It is a great substrate for creating the finest arts and crafts projects. The material is easy to cut and shape, making it an ideal choice of craftsmen everywhere.

Foamboard is available in a variety of types, sizes and shapes to successfully meet growing demand in various sectors: home decoration, holiday crafts, marketing materials, packaging, etc. The availability of the substrate helps meet this increasing demand.

There are a few reasons why foamboard is the perfect material for arts and crafts projects:  

Project suitability- As you may know, foamboard is very convenient to work with and can easily be converted into different shapes with the help of the right cutting tools. This easy to cut and shape property makes foamboard a great choice for creating decorative art pieces and architectural models.

Lightweight- Although the material is robust and sturdy, it is extremely lightweight at the same time. Even very large foamboard is surprisingly light which makes transportation of the material quite easy. When you consider foamboard as a backing material for your arts and craft projects, you need not worry about any inconvenience. 

Size and thickness- To meet the growing demand, the material is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. You can choose the perfect thickness and size depending on your project needs. A simple rule is to select a thicker board for a project that needs transportation such as signs for exhibitions, mobile advertisements, etc.: the thicker the board, the more stable it will be when standing. Using the right cutting tools will help you give the board the desired shape. 

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Durability- Even though the substrate is light in weight, it features high durability. Foamboard types such as Gatorfoam, flame-resistant board and acid-free board are durable materials that make an ideal choice for crafts projects, advertisements, displays and more.

Adhesives- Not all foamboard is receptive to all types of glue. But, self-adhesive foamboards are available these days that don’t require any kind of extra glue. Since it is not
always feasible to use this material, when you select a foamboard for your project, make sure the type is compatible with most glues, or at least the one you intend to use.

In addition, foamboard has a number of desirable features that make it a preferred choice for both arts and crafts projects. You can find quality foamboard at www.foamboardsource.com/. It’s time to get creative.

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