Make Attractive Portraits with Quality Gatorfoam

Gatorfoam is an exceptional and cost-effective way to spruce up the walls in your home or workplace. This type of foamboard is an extruded polystyrene, enclosed between layers of a wood fiber veneer. It can also be used for an extensive number of personal and professional projects.

Gatorfoam can provide your prints or artwork with a robust and secure backing well worth the price. If you are looking to make a long-lasting display for your next project, then this material is surely an excellent option. Gatorfoam provides a smooth surface and is therefore a great way to show off special images. You can even paste your family portraits on this foamboard and hang them on interior walls to keep beautiful moments alive forever. They will boost the overall beauty of the space. 

What makes Gatorfoam strong?

It has high strength and can withstand any unexpected pressure. This type of foamcore is also resistant to bending, folding, scratching and breaking. All these features make it practical and a great material to accomplish diverse project needs. Gatorfoam is lightweight so you can easily hang it on any wall. Indeed, its features, like robustness and long-lasting durability, make it an ideal option for presentation and exhibition displays.

The qualities and uses of Gatorfoam

Gatorfoam has all-encompassing beneficial qualities, which make it a preferred choice among users, covering extensive project needs. It can be used in the advertising industry to display posters and prints. As it is resistant to denting and bending, it is not easily damaged. You can paste a beautiful poster on it and liven up any room’s walls. It is an inexpensive way to decorate your home. Gatorfoam can also be used for an extensive range of applications, including craftsmanship displays, signs at business meetings and events, when marketing and advertising a product or service, etc.

Gatorfoam and other types of Foamboard

Gatorfoam is one type of foamboard. There are various other types as well having unique properties and uses for particular applications: Sintra PVC, Presentation, JetMount, and Rynoboard. For example, Sintra PVC is best for outdoor purposes. You can make a door hanger out of it. It is vital to use the right foamboard according to your project requirements. Make sure you also use the appropriate cutting tools to get even edges and desired shapes. 

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Durability of Gatorfoam

It has a long life and requires minimal care.

Best for the advertising and marketing industries

Gatorfoam is known for its beneficial features, like durability, strength, flexibility, etc. It is perfect in the marketing world to display posters and build a successful business. Printing on this material is a great idea for companies that want to build a connection with their customers through compelling visual means.

Where you can buy best quality gatorfoam and other types of foamboard?

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