Use Foamboard for Mounting Photos and Artwork in your Exhibition

A beautiful artwork, photo, or painting that is poorly mounted makes a poor statement. For this reason, it is best to use good mounting materials like foamboard.  

This versatile material is ideal for mounting photos and other artworks in exhibitions. Acid free Foamboard is widely preferred due to its multipurpose, robust, and durable nature. It comes in several variations and, thus, you can use it for different applications. 
Today, it is extensively used in the advertisement industry and exhibitions for displaying photographs and posters of all kinds. Its features, like flexibility, and long-lasting, make it an ideal option for most purposes. You can mount just about any size posters you are working with, allowing your image and message to last longer due to the extra support received.   

Every advertising firm desires to have crowd-pleasing promotions to showcase its goods and services effectively and at inexpensive prices. Using foamboard for mounting posters can save your hard-earned money. It is affordable and can help you achieve the most durable, reliable, and valuable results for every project.     

Foamboard comes in different colors and types suitable for both commercial and personal uses. It is lightweight and employed extensively for numerous DIY craft projects. It has a smooth, clean and bright surface, offering the required vitality to important projects. You can also use foamcore for announcements, notices, flyers and photo framing.    

Foamboard comes in different types, such as colored board, Sintra, acid-free, Gatorfoam, flame-resistant, and presentation board. All have unique features and are used for particular applications. Sintra PVC is best for making outdoor decorations. You can make beautiful door hangers with it for example.    

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The material is lightweight and can be cut easily using the right cutting tools. Foamcore is widely used for mounting photographic prints, picture framing, backing surfaces, dimensional lettering, and much more. It is also used extensively to make bulletin boards to display important information. You can also make numerous home decorations, like photo frames, wall art, and other attractive projects with it. You can even make a customized jewelry or ribbon box. All your accessories will be arranged properly with the minimum possibility of damage.  

You will find an attractive range of foamcore at offered at affordable prices. The site is well recognized for providing utmost quality products at affordable prices. Get customized boards of any size here. If you want to use foamboard for display purposes, you have many options such as pedestals, panel stands of 1/4" capacity (2-pack), and panel stands of 1/2" capacity (2-pack).

You can also get various tools and accessories, including FoamWerks Cutting tools, perimeter trim and lineal, Olfa Knife products, panel connectors, edge trims, sign holders, Fletcher Substrate cutters, spray adhesives, and tape to shape and modify the board to achieve its maximum potential.

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