Use Foamboard to Make an Attractive Key Holder

Today, foamboard has an unparalleled position in the market due to its extensive features and countless uses. It has three main sections: an inner polystyrene layer sandwiched between two thin layers of semi-gloss white clay-coated paper. It can be adapted to accomplish both personal and professional projects. It is a lightweight, long-lasting, durable, and affordable substrate used for making photo frames, mounting prints and photographs, and many other purposes.

Foamboard is also known as foamcore and can be cut into desired shapes using right cutting tools. It comes in different types, such as colored, Gatorfoam, Sintra PVC, acid-free, JetMount, flame-resistant boards, Rynoboard, styrene-faced, and presentation. Foamcore has unique features suitable for particular applications. 

You can make numerous DIY craft projects with this versatile material. Make an attractive key holder with the board and hang it on a wall. In this way, all your keys will be kept neatly in one place, and there will be no possibility of loss. This will also save time finding keys. You can make a customized key holder of any size, according to your requirements. It is a simple process that will not consume much time. Keep all the essential supplies together, including pencil, glue, right cutting tools, and your chosen foamboard.
Foamboard is an economical material used by artists to create exquisite artwork. Students make bulletin board out of it. It is also used as a backing material for photo frames. Simply choose the right one for your project. To get the best foamboard for your particular needs, consider several things:  
  • Choose the right foamboard- You can get customized foamboard as your project demands. For mounting pictures, it is best to use self-adhesive boards, while for mounting exhibitions, you can go for pressure-sensitive Gatorfoam, primarily known for its high strength and rigidity. Select the right foamcore to create a masterpiece any time you feel creative.
  • Size and thickness of foamboard and Gatorfoam- It comes in different thicknesses, including 1/8” through ½” for foamboard and 3/16” through 2” for Gatorfoam. You can get it in different sizes, according to your specific requirements. 

Consider the above parameters to get the right foamcore. Truly, this multipurpose material can be used to execute an array of applications. Make attractive photo frames to preserve your beautiful memories on the wall of your home. It will always remind you of your golden times. Also, make an attractive key holder to keep your keys in one place. Get the best quality foamboard at The site is well-known for delivering unparalleled products at cost-effective prices. Make any personal or corporate project using foamboard today.

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