Foamboard Stamps- A Simple DIY Craft Work for Your Children

Kids enjoy different arts and crafts. Image stamping is one of them! They enjoy stamping colorful images on cards, envelopes, and more. They make greeting cards and stamp images on it. There are a variety of stamping materials available on the market. Out of all of them, foamboard is the best choice. Make beautiful stampings using this versatile material to engage your little ones. Make any shape, such as a flower, leaf, etc.

Foamcore is the right material to make stampings because of its all-encompassing features, such as light weight, robust nature, and durability. To make a DIY craft project, you will need several supplies:
  • Foamboard
  • Envelopes
  • Colors
  • Pins
  • Cutting tool
  • Wooden blocks
To start with the project, you can follow these steps:
  • Cut the foamboard into any shape with the right cutting tool
  • Attach the shapes to wooden blocks to make stamps
  • Use toothpicks or pins for added texture
Now your foamcore stamps are ready to be used for cards and envelops. The entire stamp making process is very simple and does not consume enormous time. So, make one today for your children! This is one of the applications of foamcore. Let’s discuss why it is best to use this material for different commercial and personal projects.  

Foamboard is a multipurpose material that can be used for mounting pictures, making wall art, bulletin board, etc. It is essential to use the appropriate cutting tools to get even edges and smooth shapes. It comes in different types, including one-sided colored, white & black, PVC, Gatorfoam, acid-free, flame- resistant, Rynoboard, styrene-faced, presentation, self-adhesive, and acrylic. 

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Each of these boards has unique features and exclusive applications. For example, for picture framing, acid-free board is best as it does not leak acid into the drawings. For outdoor purposes, PVC Sintra is the right choice. If you need foamcore for mounting pictures, Gatorfoam is perfect. It is lightweight, reliable and durable. You can get foamcore in customized sizes and thicknesses. Let’s dive into the details of its features: 
  • Lightweight- It is strong, yet extremely lightweight, and you can hold any size foamboard in your hands with ease. You can cut it into desired shapes using the right cutting tools.
  • Durability- It is highly durable and requires minimal care. Many boards are resistant to dents and scratches.
  • Size and thickness- It comes in different sizes and thicknesses, like 1/4”, 1/8”, etc. Get any tailored board depending on your project type. Generally, the thicker boards are more stable and best for advertising projects, exhibitions, etc.
  • Affordable prices- Foamboard is a reasonable material that can accomplish your different project needs without hurting your pocketbook.
These are some of the attributes of foamboard. Choose wisely any of the boards available according to your requirements at Here, you can get the best quality materials at economical prices.

Give a Festive Look to Your Space by Making Beautiful Decorations with Foamboard This Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to create beautiful memories with friends and family. Partying, having delicious food and non-stop conversation are the common pastimes. Give a festive vibe to your space by making X-mas decorations using foamboard.  

Decorate Christmas tree using foamcore; add garlands, lights, stockings, and other festive accents to make your home a cheerful winter wonderland. Use your creativity to make different embellishment with this versatile material to give a unique and festive look this holiday season.  

Start the engines! Decorate your house in an alluring way to keep the Christmas spirit alive and have the space ready for your loved ones! This is the easiest way to decorate your home without emptying your pocketbook!

People used to decorate their homes with garlands, wreaths, lights and balloons. Today they prefer pocketbook-friendly ways to beautify their space. Nothing can beat foamboard to make diverse embellishments, like Christmas trees, and adding a personal touch to the celebrations.

Foamboard is an inexpensive material that can be used to accomplish several personal and professional project needs.  Make a customized Christmas tree of any size and style for your space. Use PVC Sintra to make outdoor Christmas decorations and share your holiday cheer with everyone. Make a door hanger using PVC Sintra! Create a warm and welcoming holiday setting with all kinds of tailored foamboard decorations.

From artificial tree decorations and Christmas door adornment to window trappings, there are huge options available for you to intensify the appeal of your holiday space. Make theme-based decorations, like snowmen decorations, snowflakes, or white, wooden or country Christmas decorations to boost the level of fun.

Foamcore can be used to make an extensive range of decorative items. Its exclusive features, such as its robust nature, multipurpose ability, durability, flexibility, and light weight make it a preferred material. Put together a bulletin board, photo frame, wall art, and other DIY craft projects with it. It comes in different types, including presentation, PVC Sintra, Rynoboard, white and black, acid-free, Gatorfoam, flame-resistant, or styrene-faced. Each of these boards has unique characteristics and work applications. 

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Today, the demand for foamboard has been growing steadily due to its all-encompassing characteristics and uses. You can even make a playhouse for your child with foamcore. Also, display a favorite cartoon character on this material and paste it on the wall of your kid’s room. This is the easiest way to decorate your and giving a kid-based theme to the space.

Whether you are using foamcore to make Christmas decorations or  craft work like a bulletin board, involve your children at all times. 

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A Guide for Self-Adhesive Foam Board

Foamboard has been implementing our personal and domestic requirements for years and over time, this industry has begun producing products with exclusive characteristics to meet the project needs of today’s crafters. This sturdy and lightweight material is a popular substrate liked by users of all ages. It has several exceptional features, including a long-lasting nature, durability, lightweight and many others. All these characteristics make it a sought-after product. 

Foamboard comes in different types, including presentation, Gatorfoam, self-adhesive, Sintra PVC, acrylic, Rynoboard, and more. Each of these boards has unique characteristics and applications. Sintra PVC is best for outdoor purposes, and you can make a door hanger out of it. A prime attribute of this versatile material is that it can be easily shaped with the right cutting tool. You can get the desired shapes and even edges! If you want to learn about self-adhesive boards, this article will help. So, let’s get started!

Uses of Self-Adhesive Foamboard 

Foamboard can be used for mounting photographs and prints in picture frames. Self-adhesive is an ideal choice when cold-mounting photos and artwork to the board. It features an acid-free adhesive that is chemically inert. You can get the self-adhesive type with either one or two-sided pressure-sensitive. It can easily be cut into the desired shape and put to use for interior design and architectural models. It has three layers, the inner is polystyrene sandwiched between white clay-coated paper. It can be used for picture framing because it has a long shelf life and does not absorb acids into the artwork.

Mounting Instructions for Self-Adhesive

Peel the liner sheet on the board to reveal the uncovered adhesive. Next, precisely adjust the placement of your picture or print, and holding it by the sides, press it onto the foamboard. Exert pressure to push out any air, smoothing it toward the sides and base. Now, slowly do the same for the entire sheet. 

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If you find small air bubbles along the way or after you are done, you can simply use a pin and poke a hole to remove them. For a large print, it is best to get help from someone who could hold it for you above the sheet as you peel back the release liner and apply the print. This will ensure that you do not get any adhesive on the print before you are prepared to apply it.

Final words

This is a simple guide for using self-adhesive boards. Now you are ready to use them extensively for a myriad of projects. You can get quality and affordable foamboard and other products at We never compromise with the quality of our products and are known to deliver the best products at cost-effective prices.

What Makes Foamboard a Preferred Choice of Crafters?

Foamboard can serve personal and domestic needs. It can be used in displaying, packaging, mounting, die cutting, and simple DIY craft projects. It is also used as a backing material for framing art and prints, and photographs mounting. There are certain features that make foamboard a sought-after material:

Lightweight - This versatile material is extremely lightweight as well as strong at the same time.  Thus it can be used for mounting pictures, packing material, and in extensive artworks.

Easy-to-handle by Children - Children often require reusable, soft, and easy-to-handle materials for working on school projects. Foamboard, a sturdy and lightweight material, can be used for a variety of craft projects. It comes in an acid-free version that can be used for scrapbook projects where pictures need protection from damage due to adhesives. If your project demands a thick and sturdy material, foamboard is the right choice as adds dimension along with style to the project.

Thickness and Sizes - Foamboard is available in different sizes, including 1/8”, 3/16”, 3/8”, ½”. It can be used for display boards, advertising, and various school projects and science fairs.  Foamboard can also be used to make different props and backdrops for theatrical use.  You can get it in different thicknesses.

Professional Use - Foamboard can be cut into any shape with clean edges with the right cutting tools. This gives the board a sophisticated and professional look. It provides a sturdy yet lightweight coat for presentation statistics, charts, and graphs. It is reliable and can be used for making bulletin boards to display important information. 

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Soft yet Sturdy – One of the best things about foamboard is that it can be pierced with pushpins and thumbtacks, making the 3/8” and ½” a great choice for bulletin boards. It is affordable and will not make a dent in your pocketbook.

Easily Cut and Glued - For arts and crafts projects, foamboard works best as you can cut it into any shape using the right tools. You can even draw and erase on it and glue most anything, depending on your need. Paint and markers can be used without hassles. Because of these characteristics, foamboard is widely used in the craft and hobby industry.

It is affordable, easily available and convenient to use. You can get the best-quality materials at The site is well-known to provide the best-quality materials at cost-effective prices. Just make sure you use the right cutting tools with foamboard to get even edges and desired shapes.

How to Display Pictures on Foamboard

There are simple ways to enhance pictures--by adding glitter, embellishments and colors—however, the most essential thing is knowing how to display them. Of all the techniques around, mounting and framing are the best options to make your photos shine. 
Mounting a picture asks viewers to contemplate the image as an object. The correct mounting practices save will your art from harm and also from acidic conditions of the paper. Knowing the best techniques and understanding their importance will provide more options when mounting your work for display.

Usually, there are different materials available for displaying pictures, such as wood, metal, etc. Using foamboard to mount photos is an excellent way to draw attention to them. Let’s learn more about foamboard!

This versatile material is lightweight, durable and strong; it is perfect for mounting and displaying photographs and prints. It is available in different types, including presentation, Gatorfoam, Jetmount, PVC and many more. Below are simple self-adhesive foamboard mounting instructions:
  • You can mount pictures by yourself depending on the size of your image.
  • For self-adhesive foamboard, peel back an inch or two of the liner sheet on the board to reveal the adhesive.
  • Align the top and sides of the picture carefully to the board.  
  • Once aligned, place the image down on the board starting from the top edge and apply pressure while pushing out the air bubbles to the sides and bottom.  
If you need to mount a large print on the board, it is wise to ask for someone’s assistance to hold the print above the sheet as you peel back the release liner and apply it.  Obviously, you would not like your picture touching the glue before you want to apply it permanently.
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This is the simplest way to mount a picture on foamboard! Proceed with care. Foamboard is a great innovation that can be used to accomplish numerous commercial and personal applications. It can be used to make architectural design models and all kinds of home decoration.

Foamcore has extensive features, such as high flexibility and durability, great for backing most crafting materials. It can also be used to display announcements, notices, posters and photos. It has smooth, clean, and bright surfaces, giving any craft project the desired results. For outdoor purposes, it is best to use PVC. Use Gatorfoam if your project demands features like light weight, high strength, rigidity and warp resistance.

Whether you want colored boards, Sintra PVC boards, Gatorfoam, acid-free boards, flame-resistant boards, JetMount, Rynoboard, olfa cutting tools, presentation boards, or acrylic boards, visit to obtain quality products. The wide variety, outstanding customer care service, and the most reasonable prices in the industry make it the best resource out there.

Want to Make an Attractive key Holder for your Home? Use Foamboard to create a Masterpiece

All of us have seen how foamboard has made its way into numerous DIY project work areas! This durable material is pocketbook-friendly and can also be used to prepare photo frames, mounting prints and photographs, etc. It is also known as foamcore, featuring a lightweight, robust and durable material that makes it suitable for several personal as well as commercial applications. 

Cut the board into any shape using the right cutting tools. Foamcore is available in different types, such as colored boards, Gatorfoam, Sintra PVC, acid-free, JetMount, Rynoboard, presentation and acrylic. These boards have exclusive features, making them suitable for particular use according to the project requirements and anticipated outcome.

Foamboard for Making a key Holder

Every house needs a key holder to hang keys properly in one place. Use gatorfoam to make an attractive key holder and fix it on a wall of your home. Keep all your keys together and forget the possibility of losing even one single key. Make a customized key holder of any size, according to the number of keys you own. It is one of the simplest DIY application that will not consume enormous time or effort. Keep all the supplies out beforehand, such as pencil, glue, the appropriate cutting tool to create your masterpiece.

Different Applications of Foamboard

Foamboard is a versatile material that can be used for various other applications other than a handy key holder. It is used by artists to create exquisite objects. Students use it to execute DIY projects, including bulletin boards. It is also used as a backing material for photo frames. All it takes is to choose the right foamboard for your particular project.

Choosing the right Foamboard
  • Selecting the right foamboard is easy. Get custom-tailored foamboard as your project demands at Foamboardsource. Visit the website at where you will find an extensive array of products at economical prices. The site is well-known for providing the best quality cost-effective supplies. If you need foamcore for outdoor purposes, you should choose Sintra PVC. For mounting pictures and posters, you can use pressure-sensitive Gatorfoam, well-known for its high strength and rigidity. Select the best material from the extensive number of foamboard available at
  • The size and thickness of the board varies. Every foamboard comes in a unique size and thickness. Gatorfoam is available in thicknesses such as 3/16”, ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ½”, and 2”, while PVC comes in 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 6 mm, and 13 mm. 

Final words

Foamcore is a multipurpose material that can be used for different personal and commercial applications. Make a customized key holder using this versatile material for your home. Keep all the keys in one strategic place!

Foamboard- Accomplish Your Personal and Corporate Needs

Foamboard is a fabulous material that can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. It is lightweight, strong and durable. There are numerous things you can do with it:

Holiday decorations- Christmas is coming. It is a high time to plan something amazing to augment the fun. Use foamcore for making Christmas decorations! This is a pocketbook-friendly way to create a festive feel in your home. Cut out shapes of bells and Christmas tree made of foamboard and paint them brightly. Use PVC Sintra to decorate your outdoor area.

Bulletin boards- These display boards are in every at school, college, workplace and even homes to display important information. Use quality 3/8” or ½”  foamboard to make a bulletin board. Cover it with fabric and hang it on a wall. Put a frame around it to give a more finished look. The best thing about this material is that you can use pushpins on it. You can make several bulletin boards for your home. Keep one in your child’s bedroom and one in the kitchen to communicate with family members. You can even put one in your personal space to display photos and notes to yourself.

Make a Christmas countdown calendar- Make an attractive Christmas calendar using foamboard and add little doors/drawers to it. You can also put a candy on dates from 1 to 24. Open each numbered door on the relevant day of December that arrives.

Make beautiful Christmas cards for dear ones- Make personalized cards using foamboard and give them to your friends on Christmas Eve. Personalized gifts hold a special place in everyone’s heart. They will surely touch the receivers.

Wall clocks- Make a wall clock with the help of foamcore. Keep the supplies, like a battery pack, clock arms and others out beforehand. Use your creativity and make numbers or photos to denote the 12 divisions of time around the clock. Make it as attractive as you want by adding embellishments.

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Craft projects- Foamboard can be used to make countless DIY craft projects. This sturdy material works well for different types, like a popcorn dress for your child’s fancy dress competition. Make a beautiful dollhouse with it. Decorate your house by making different kinds of wall art out of foamcore. This is an inexpensive way to enhance the beauty of your space.

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Materials that add Depth to your Artwork

To add more depth and make your artwork attractive, there are several materials available. Foamboard and Gatorboard seem to be the best choices if you want your project to stand out. Display your artwork beautifully with either of these substrates.

Choosing the right material to mount your artwork is vital; and when doing so, it is important to consider properties like durability and firmness. Let’s discuss the features of foamboard and Gatorfoam that make them a preferred choice for displaying artwork.  


This material is composed of polystyrene foam laminated on both sides either by white clay-coated paper, cotton archival paper or common brown craft paper. It is ideal for mounting artwork. Using this material for displaying artwork will add depth and ensure that your designs and graphics look remarkable. It comes with a natural, matte or glossy finish. Therefore, you have options from which to choose any of according to your needs. You can even go for a laminated finish to protect your work from scratches, dust and fingerprints.

This versatile material has several other applications. You can make architectural models or decorate your home interior. Foamboard is a preferred choice of artists and decorators due to its outstanding features, enormous benefits, affordable prices, and easy-to-use characteristics. It is also used in the advertising and marketing industry to display posters. Its features, such as long-lasting and flexibility, make it a perfect option for displaying all types of photographs and images.


This material consists of extruded polystyrene foam encased in a wood impregnated paper veneer. It is a rigid material and a bit costly. However, it is worth spending money on this substrate as the end results are truly outstanding. Give your artwork the depth and quality look it deserves by using Gatorfoam. It is one of the strongest types of foamcore, yet light in weight. It is also resistant to bending, denting and warping, making it is an excellent choice for mounting customized artwork. It is divided into three types:
  • Self-adhesive Gatorfoam- It features high durability and adaptability. It does not require a hot mounting or lamination tool to display pictures for example. It has a pressure-sensitive cold adhesive designed to stick your prints.
  • Plain Gatorfoam- It is perfect for projects requiring high stability and durability.
  • Heat-activated- It has a special heat activated adhesive for steadiness and bonding of the mounting material.

Final words

If you want to buy quality foamboard and Gatorboard, visit the website at Here, you will always find the best products at affordable prices. Foamboardsource never compromises with the quality of its products.

Know the Different Types of Foamboard Available to You

All of us are familiar with the benefits of foamboard. It has become a part of our daily lives for accomplishing both personal and commercial projects.  It is strong, lightweight and easy to cut with the right cutting tools. It has countless applications, such as mounting, displaying and packaging. This article will be a great help to readers who want to explore different types of foamboard. Let’s discuss them in detail:
  • Self-adhesive foamcore: It is available in different thicknesses, including 1/8", 3/16”, 3/8" and 1/2". It is lightweight, inexpensive and resistant to denting. It is a perfect choice for cold mounting photos and artwork. It features an acid-free adhesive, chemically inert, and can be purchased as one- or two-sided pressure-sensitive board.
  • Pressure-sensitive Gatorfoam: It comes in 3/16”, 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", and 2" thicknesses and is similar to self-adhesive foamboard. It is durable and resistant to denting and warping. It is the perfect material for mounting, exhibits and many other uses. If your project demands high strength, light weight, rigidity, and warp resistance, this is the best material for you!
  • Sintra PVC board: It is available in different thicknesses, including 1, 2, 3, 6, and 13 mm. It is durable, moderately heavy, resistant to dents, and best for outdoor uses. In comparison to Gatorfoam, it is heavy. Sintra PVC foamboard is also available without a pressure-sensitive coating. It is durable and can be used to make door hangings for example.
  • Acid-free foamboard: It is an excellent choice for archival framing as it offers an acid-free barrier between the mounting board and artwork. For professional framers, photographers, artists, and craftspeople concerned about preserving their work, this type of foamboard offers unbeatable protection and handling. Its surface is completely acid-free and buffered to maintain a neutral pH level. Its core is chemically inert and has all the qualities of regular foamboard, such as light weight and moisture resistance.

Apart from the different types, it is relevant to understand the techniques used when working with foamboard:
  • Cutting foamboard
The edges of foamboard may be uneven if the right cutting tools are not used. Make sure you have the right equipment to get even edges and desired shapes.
  • Marking on foamboard 
Quick-dry markers are best for foamcore, as they do not smear when in contact with another surface.
  • Gluing foamboards
Any type of craft glue suits all types of foamboard and will easily bind anything to the board.  Painter’s or masking tape is best as they are safe and can be removed easily without leaving any marks the board.

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