How to Display Pictures on Foamboard

There are simple ways to enhance pictures--by adding glitter, embellishments and colors—however, the most essential thing is knowing how to display them. Of all the techniques around, mounting and framing are the best options to make your photos shine. 
Mounting a picture asks viewers to contemplate the image as an object. The correct mounting practices save will your art from harm and also from acidic conditions of the paper. Knowing the best techniques and understanding their importance will provide more options when mounting your work for display.

Usually, there are different materials available for displaying pictures, such as wood, metal, etc. Using foamboard to mount photos is an excellent way to draw attention to them. Let’s learn more about foamboard!

This versatile material is lightweight, durable and strong; it is perfect for mounting and displaying photographs and prints. It is available in different types, including presentation, Gatorfoam, Jetmount, PVC and many more. Below are simple self-adhesive foamboard mounting instructions:
  • You can mount pictures by yourself depending on the size of your image.
  • For self-adhesive foamboard, peel back an inch or two of the liner sheet on the board to reveal the adhesive.
  • Align the top and sides of the picture carefully to the board.  
  • Once aligned, place the image down on the board starting from the top edge and apply pressure while pushing out the air bubbles to the sides and bottom.  
If you need to mount a large print on the board, it is wise to ask for someone’s assistance to hold the print above the sheet as you peel back the release liner and apply it.  Obviously, you would not like your picture touching the glue before you want to apply it permanently.
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This is the simplest way to mount a picture on foamboard! Proceed with care. Foamboard is a great innovation that can be used to accomplish numerous commercial and personal applications. It can be used to make architectural design models and all kinds of home decoration.

Foamcore has extensive features, such as high flexibility and durability, great for backing most crafting materials. It can also be used to display announcements, notices, posters and photos. It has smooth, clean, and bright surfaces, giving any craft project the desired results. For outdoor purposes, it is best to use PVC. Use Gatorfoam if your project demands features like light weight, high strength, rigidity and warp resistance.

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