Gatorboard- A Sturdy and Durable Foamboard for your Application

The all-encompassing benefits of foamboard to accomplish personal and professional needs are well known. This versatile material is used in homes, schools, offices, and universities for various purposes.

Foamcore is multipurpose, lightweight, and robust and can be easily cut using the right cutting tools. Use it to make different DIY projects, including photo frames, display boards, etc. Today, the popularity of foamboard has been increasing significantly. To meet the rising demand, there are different types of boards available, such as White & Black, One-sided Colored, Sintra PVC sheets, Gatorfoam, Acrylic, Acid-free, Flame-resistant, and JetMount. 

In this article, we will talk about Gatorboard, a perfect choice for mounting, exhibitions, and presentation purposes. It can also be used for digital and screen-printing as well. 

A Gatorboard consists of three layers, the middle one is polystyrene covered by a Luxcell wood-fiber veneer on both sides. It is also light in weight, unfailing, and best used for both commercial and non-commercial applications. You can get it in different colors, such as black, white, and a natural finish.

Take your creativity to a new level by using this magic material! Gatorfoam comes in a myriad of types, achieving your particular project needs with perfection. Let’s look at the different types of board:

Self-adhesive Gatorboard- It features durability, constancy and versatility. For mounting pictures, you do not need to use a hot mounting or lamination tool. It has a pressure-sensitive cold adhesive, so just remove the cover and stick your print on. Press it down to attach a print effectively. Create several do-it-yourself mounting projects and other craftwork with self-adhesive Gatorboard.  

Heat-activated Gatorfoam- It consists of a special adhesive for stability and joining mounting material. 

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Plain Gatorfoam- It is commonly used in major applications and features versatility and high flexibility. It can be used for applications requiring high stability and durability. You can easily work with this type of material at home or work.

Choose gatorboard for applications demanding sturdiness and versatility. Make numerous decorative items with foamcore to adorn your home, like beautiful wall art to hang in your living room to augment the beauty of your space.

You can even make personalized gifts with it. Give a beautiful photo frame made from foamcore for loved ones. Bestowing a personalized gift to your dear ones will delight them and show you love and care. This is certainly an easy and affordable way to make someone feel special and bring an ear-to ear-smile to their face. Also, you can make a cartoon character on a board and hang it in your child’s room. This will make your little one very happy and it is the best way to give a fun theme to the room.

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