Why Choosing Gatorfoam is a Wise Decision for Your Project

Lightweight, multipurpose, sturdy, and long-lasting, foamboard makes a perfect choice to accomplish both personal and professional project needs. It is very convenient to work with this, thus offering tremendous options to explore creativity. Owing to its increased uses and applications in numerous industries, it comes in all-encompassing types, sizes and thickness.

Gatorfoam is one of the most popular types of foamboard known for its characteristics--heavy-duty and versatile--making it a great choice for most every need. 
An extruded polystyrene board bonded between two layers of Luxcell wood-fiber veneer, Gatorfoam is well-known for great performance. It is widely used for numerous purposes including photo mounting, arts and crafts projects, exhibits, and more.

This substrate has high durability and integrates both hard and smooth surfaces that are uniform and blemish-free. It is usually known as a creator’s delight and a perfect material to explore creativity. It comes in different colors such as white, black, and a natural finish, thereby giving you the opportunity to get creative any way you like. It can be used for mounting and exhibits where strength and rigidity are prime assets.

Gatorfoam can be used in extensive applications such as business advertising, college presentations and decorative pieces. It is ideal for screen printing and advertising of business products. It is also used for display panels and labelling. It is available in numerous types, helping you choose the one that perfectly suits your project needs. Let’s look at the details:
  • Heat-activated Gatorfoam – This durable and long-lasting foamboard is predominantly designed for heat press or heat roll press dry mounting. It features a heat-activated board coating that alleviates any dry board mounting concerns. It is an affordable and time-saving approach to mounting pictures for exhibits because it excludes the use of adhesive application and drying time. 
  • Self-adhesive Board – As the name suggests, this type comes with a pressure-sensitive cold adhesive; therefore, you just have to peel off the cover, stick on your print and press down- no adhesives required. Owing to its diverse characteristics such as durability, constancy, versatility, etc., self-adhesive Gatorfoam is a preferred choice for mounting pictures and arts and crafts projects. This material does not require hot mounting.  
Gatorfoam is a great choice for accomplishing diverse personal and professional project needs. It can be used for making decorative art pieces to adorn your home. Get premium quality Gatorfoam at www.foamboardsource.com to be creative the way you want.

Foamboardsource is a well-known name, offering all-encompassing types of foamboard and other accessories. It has a stellar reputation in the market and is appreciated for providing the best-quality products at affordable prices. You can easily find a wide variety of foamboard here! Just make sure while cutting the board, you use the right cutting tools to avoid jagged edges and get the desired shapes.

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