Tips to Make a Perfect Gift Box Using Foamboard

If a special occasion, birthday, or anniversary is approaching and you’re all exhausted trying to figure out the perfect gift for a loved one, here is a winning suggestion! A handmade gift! 

When you put your own efforts into creating a gift, it is always the perfect way to show your feelings to the one you love! DIY gifts for a special day, like a foamboard gift box, usually take a bit of extra effort to get good results, and it’s worth it. 

So, let’s get started and see how you can get this done:

•    Gather the Supplies 
To make a lovely gift box for your special someone, first gather all the supplies beforehand to avoid hassle later. You’ll need:
-    Foamboard
-    Colored paper (In case your foamboard is white)
-    A ruler
-    Glue
-    The right cutting tools
-    Pencil or marker
-    Scissors
-    Decorative craft supplies

•    Mark the Measurements and Cut

With a pencil or a marker, place the measurements on the board for the size box you want. You can seek help from the Web as there are a number of gift box templates available. You can take one, get it printed, and use it as a stencil on your board.

Keep in mind the right measurements and use a ruler for marking if you don’t have templates on hand. Be creative when it comes to picking a shape or design for the box.

After you’re done measuring the board with the marks, you need to cut it to make the box in the required size. Make sure you use the right cutting tools to cut the foamboard for better edges.

After you produce all the pieces for your gift box, you can paste colored paper on each one in case you haven’t used colored foamboard.

•    Paste the Pieces Together

With the help of glue, paste all the cut pieces to make the box. If you’ve used a big, foldable template, carefully fold it into the desired form. For this, you might need a colored foamboard with less thickness, so it can be folded easily. 

•    Start Decorating

After the board pieces dry and adhere together, have fun and start decorating the box. You can be creative with shaped cutouts, ribbons, and what not! 

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Make the box look special for the one you love and put your gift inside. You can also stick a note on the top to make it even better.

With this step-by-step process, you can create an adorable foamboard gift box for your loved ones and take them by surprise!

Choosing foamboard over any other material for the creation of a custom gift box can be the best call! This is because it is one of the greatest materials available, used for a multitude of purposes.

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Working with Foamboard? Know the Types, Applications and Scope

Are you looking for a material to mount pictures, display graphics, or get creative? Foamboard is your best bet. It is the most versatile material available, considered a preferred choice for a variety of commercial as well as domestic purposes. 

The substrate features a host of favorable properties- lightweight, sturdiness, versatility, durability and long-lasting. It is very convenient to work with and can be easily cut into different shapes with the help of the right cutting tools. 

There is a wide variety of foamboards on the market these days and you can choose the one that perfectly suits your needs. Here are some of the most widely used that are high in quality and feature durability, sturdiness yet are light in weight-

Gator Foamboard- It is a sturdy, heavy duty yet versatile board used for a number of purposes. Featuring durability, the material incorporates both hard and smooth surfaces that are uniform and blemish-free. It is an excellent product to explore your creativity, and it is often called creator’s delight. The substrate is great for digital and screen printing.

Gatorfoam board is an extruded polystyrene foamboard bonded between two layers of Luxcell wood-fiber veneer. The material is the preferred choice for mounting, exhibits and presentations. The board is available in black, white, and a natural finish. However, the substrate isn’t recommended for outdoor use. 

Acid-free Foamboard- If you are a professional photographer, artist, or craftsman, concerned about preserving your work, acid-free foamboard is your choice. The material provides the best protection and is very easy to handle. It provides an acid-free barrier between the mounting board and the artwork.

The substrate makes a great choice for mounting pictures and displaying artwork. The material is easy to work with and can be cut into different shapes.

Self –Adhesive Foamboard- It is the best pick for indoor and temporary use. The substrate is lightweight and inexpensive. Though the material is strong and sturdy, it cannot bear rough handling. This is the reason why it doesn’t make the best choice for outdoor use.As a benefit, it features an acid-free adhesive and is chemically inert. 

Its self-adhesive nature makes it ideal for photo mounting projects. If you are looking for a material to adorn your interior with family pictures, it is the right pick.

Pressure-Sensitive Sintra PVC Board- Lightweight, sturdy, durable and resistant to dents, the material is great for outdoor use. Also, the board has the ability to bend slightly which makes it a desirable material for craft projects. 

Flame-Resistant Foamboard- As the name suggests, flame-resistant foamboard is designed to self-extinguish when the source of ignition is removed. This foamboard is thus the perfect option for trade shows and exhibitions where local fire codes stipulate the use of flame-resistant foamboard.

In addition to the above-mentioned foamboard types, there are a number of other foamboards readily available at inexpensive prices. Depending on your project needs, you can select the right foamboard for you. Get the finest quality foamboards at

Foamboard Craft? A Few Facts You Should Know About PVC Foamboard

Featuring a number of beneficial properties, foamboard has long been categorized as the perfect material for arts and crafts projects. It is a versatile material available at a cost-effective price. You can use it for photo mounting, arts and crafts, and construction and building materials, etc. 

PVC foam sheet is a lightweight material with good mechanical properties.

In addition, this material has good chemical resistance with low water absorption, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. A PVC foam sheet is easy to fabricate and bond and is very resistant to the damaging effects of rain, wind and sunlight. Due to these factors, this material is perfect for everyday products.

Here are the beneficial properties of PVC foamboard that make your arts and crafts projects easier and more interesting-

Durable and Sturdy- PVC is a durable and sturdy material that is fast becoming popular in the construction industry. Research has shown that PVC foamboard can survive for more than 40 years when handled carefully. Making it preferred in the construction and building industry.

Cost-Effective- One of the most important reasons to choose PVC sheets for DIY projects is its cost-effective nature. Using a PVC foam sheet will cut down a lot of cost including the smoothing process, drying, maintenance and more.

Fire Resistant- PVC foam sheets are flame resistant. They will self extinguish when the source of ignition is removed.

PVC foam sheets a highly preferred material for both commercial and non-commercial application.

Features include-
  • Smooth and hard surfaces
  • Moisture repellent
  • Ideal for printing
  • UV resistance
  • Light weight
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Ideal for heat bending and thermoforming
It would be very accurate to say that PVC foamboard comes out as a perfect material. Here are a few uses of PVC foam sheets-

Advertising- Exhibition displays, traffic signs, advertising sign boards, door plates, bill boards and screen printing.

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Building and upholstery- Outdoor and indoor decoration, partitions for offices and homes, office furniture, wall paneling, bathroom and kitchen furnishings, window and door making, portable cabinets and telephone booths.

Transport- Used for decorating interiors of buses, trains, ships, metro, planes, etc.

So, if you are looking for a perfect material to mount pictures, do craft projects, make displays, signs, etc., PVC foamboard makes an ideal choice. At we offer a wide range of quality foamboards and its substrates at competitive prices.

Adorn a Bedroom Wall with a Simple DIY Foamboard Craft

Foamboard has all-encompassing properties that makes it a perfect choice for a wide range of applications, including commercial and non-commercial projects. It is light weight, long-lasting, versatile, and available in various sizes. You can get it in any size and thickness, according to your requirements. 

Foamboard is the preferred material for DIY crafts owing to its easy availability; usage is quite easy and inexpensive. If you are looking to adorn a wall of your bedroom with a simple and elegant craft, foamboard and a little bit of creativity is all you need.

Here’s the step-by-step process to make beautiful wall decorations using foamboard the easy way-

Choose the right foamboard

First of all, start by choosing the right board per the project needs. There are a number of types available:  gator board, self-adhesive foamboard, sintra PVC and more. Depending on the project type and how you plan to use execute it, you need to select the right foamboard. There is a wide variety available on the market these days to suit your needs and budget.  The thicker the foamboard, the more durable it is, and the better it can with stand handling.  It can be a suitable material to be used for paintings on walls. A thinner board might be ideal if you don't plan to transport the painting, or if you plan to secure it in a frame.

For this bedroom wall decoration project, consider using colored foamboard; choose those that go well with your interior. 

Cut the material

After choosing the right material for your project, the next step is to cut the material into the desired shapes and sizes. Remember, when it comes to shaping the material, make use of the right cutting tools. As you know, for every project- be it a decorative item for your home or commercial application - cutting foamboard correctly is important. A smooth finish is always needed; so get the right cutting tools and avoid uneven edges.

Paint the board

The material should not be primed; instead, consider water-based paints on your foamboard. Painting it is easy: but try not to add too much water to the paint as it might get wet and the outer layer of the foamboard may not handle it. Next, add a matte or gloss medium to make the paint slightly thinner and then permit each layer to dry well before applying the next layer. This will help you attain a neat finish with even colors.

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A warning: you need to be very careful when painting foamboard. Get the right brushes and let your creativity flow. With colored foamboard, you need to be extra careful about matching paints and deciding which color goes well with your board.

Adhering to these steps will help you create a wonderful foamboard craft project. You can get quality foamboard at paint according to your imagination. We offer premium quality foamboard at highly competitive prices.

Foamboard Craft- It’s Artistic and Innovative if You do it Right

Foamboard properties- such as lightweight, versatility, sturdiness - make it a preferred material for both commercial and non-commercial applications. It is an ideal backing material for arts and crafts projects, mounting pictures, interior decorative pieces and more.

The materialis a quick and inexpensive answer for those looking for temporary solutions on a budget or creative minds looking for quick and easy craft projects. It is perfect for DIY and quick fixes.

Here are a few ways that illustrate why foamboard is one of the most practical and preferred project materials these days-

Decorative wallpapers- Mount your favorite paste-only wallpaper in a bedroom, living area, etc. is a common issue in the minds of people wanting something temporary.  Foamboard is your answer. You can mount your favorite wallpaper and pictures in the best possible way. If there’s a print you adore, foamboard can help you get the look. Later you can change it out.

Add style and elegance to bookcases- How about making those dull, boring bookcases bright and colorful? Your creative instincts, foamboard and some favorite paints will help you add pattern and color to your shelves. If you do not want to paint designs on the walls of your home permanently, this method is ideal to add style. Also, if you don’t like your kitchen cabinets, you can remove the doors and use foamboard for cabinet backs and adorn them for a bright and fun kind of open shelving. 

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Hanging curtains- For those who don’t like to spend money on wood or want to deal with tools,you can have adorable hanging curtains in your homes; foamboard comes out as the best solution. The material is very convenient to work with and can be easily cut into different shapes using the right cutting tools.

If you are looking for a perfect material for DIY arts and crafts projects or quick fixes at home, foamboard is ideal. You can easily get the finest quality foamboard at We offer the best quality and materials and substrates at competitive prices.

PVC Foamboard is an Ideal Choice for Modern-Day Needs. Learn Why!

Undoubtedly, foamboard has emerged as the perfect material for both commercial and non-commercial applications. It is considered the best material for arts and crafts projects, home decorations, advertisement boards, etc. It is an easy to use material available in a variety of types at a cost-effective price.

PVC foamboard is increasingly gaining popularity owing to its valued traits. It is a lightweight, rigid material and an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its composition is polyvinyl chloride. Immune to rain and resistant to wind and sunlight, the material is highly preferred for signs and displays. 

Here are a few reasons why PVC foamboard makes an ideal choice-

Durable and sturdy- No matter that it is light in weight, PVC is a durable and sturdy material highly preferred in the construction industry. The biggest reason why PVC foamboard is preferred as a building material is its chemical stability, and anti-corrosive and high intensive properties. Moreover, it can survive for more than 40 years, as revealed in a recent study.

Fire resistant- PVC foam sheets are fire resistant and will not burn when the source of ignition is removed which is a major reason why the substrate is preferred over other materials.

Easy processing- PVC is very convenient to work with: easy to cut, shape and fix. With the help of the right cutting tools, you can very easily cut the material into different shapes. It is one material that is corrosion-free, and doesn’t react to most chemicals, shocks or weathering. It makes a perfect choice for both outdoor and indoor usage.

Cost-effective- One of the most important reasons to choose PVC sheets for DIY projects is their cost-effective nature. Using a PVC foam sheet will cut down on costs including the smoothing process, drying, maintenance, and more. When the material is cut with a blade, it doesn’t create any dust. In short, it is quite cost effective.

Easy to paint- For those who want to get creative and adorn their interiors, PVC foamboard is ideal. You can very easily apply paint to the outer surface of the substrate. The paint will glide smoothly and there will be no issues at all. In addition, PVC sheets are bug resistant which means they will not be affected by insects inside or out.

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Owing to its beneficial features, this substrate is largely used in a number of applications such as business advertising, college presentations, decorative pieces, etc. The material is highly preferred for screen printing, advertising and computer lettering. Also, it is used for making signs, display panels, labeling and in the board industry.

You can get excellent quality PVC foamboard at and use it the way you want: exploring your creative side, making signs or displays, and so much more.

5 Traits that Make Foamboard a Favorable Choice for Craft Projects

Defined as lightweight yet sturdy, versatile and easy to cut, foamboard is a preferred choice for framing artwork and craft projects. The material is extensively used for commercial and non-commercial applications, including business presentations, project models, arts and crafts, and more. The material is easy to cut and shape, making it ideal for craftspeople. 

Owing to its valued features, the material is a common choice for do-it-yourself decorative items, school and college crafts projects, and more. Here are a few properties that make foamboard perfect for your work of art- 

1.    Size and thickness- A major advantage of using foamboard- the material is available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. Based on your project type, you can choose the perfect thickness and size of the material. The simple rule is the thicker the board, the more stable it will be when standing. This is the reason why the thicker material is preferred for advertising projects and exhibitions. If you have a large board and your project demands several pieces, you can cut the material into the desired shapes using the right cutting tools.

2.    Lightweight- The material is sturdy in nature and extremely lightweight. Even very large foamboards are surprisingly light, letting you transport the material from one place to another with ease. What’s more, the substrate is very easy to cut and shape. With the help of the right cutting tools, you can cut the foamboard the way you want and make designs as per your project requirement.

3.    Soft yet sturdy- The surface of foamboard can be pierced through with pushpins and thumbtacks, making it the perfect choice for bulletin boards. The material is very convenient to work with and easy to cut and shape. Also, it offers sturdiness suitable for photo mounting and presentation projects.

4.    Inexpensively priced- Another feature that makes foamboard an ideal choice for commercial and non-commercial applications is the reasonable price. Foamboard Source offers a wide variety of the finest quality foamboard and its substrates at competitive prices, allowing you to use the material any way you want.

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5.    Self-adhesive foamboard- As we all know, foamboard is available in a variety of types. Some types of feature self-adhesive properties that make mounting easy. When using it, you do not need to apply extra glues, because the material has self-adhesive properties. You just need to peel and stick the pictures. It is very easy and convenient.

Owing to its desirable properties, foamboard is an ideal material for your artwork. We offers a wide range of premium quality foamboard and its substrates to help you create arts and crafts projects with ease at

Make Diverse Items out of Foamboard

If you have purchased foamboard before, you probably know the multipurpose uses of this versatile material. It is suitable for both commercial and non-commercial purposes; you can accomplish a wide range of tasks with it. This article will provide insight into what you can do with foamboard.

DIY Craft Projects

Foamboard is a strong material that can serve your numerous craft project needs. Besides the plain material, it also comes in an acid-free version, making it ideal for scrapbooking without harming the photos and memorabilia. If your project demands a thick, sturdy material, this is a great alternative that can add dimension along with style. If your little angel’s birthday is coming, you can make a beautiful doll house using foamboard. She will be delighted to play with it.

Home Decorations

Use foamcore extensively for home decorations! This is one of the cheapest way to enhance your home without investing money in expensive, store-bought items. Make beautiful wall art and different types of photo frames to beautify your space. If you want to decorate the outside area of your home, pick gatorfoam! Make an attractive door hanger out of it. You can even make photo frames to gift a friend on her special day. Personalized gifts always delight the receiver. It shows your love and care for them.

Wall Clocks

You can make a clock for the home with the help of foamcore. Keep the clock supplies like a battery pack attached to a clock arms beforehand to save time. Drill a hole through the material, put the arms through the hole and attach the battery pack to the back to make a working clock. Explore your creative side by adding any kind of embellishment. You can use numbers, photos or anything else you can think of to denote 12 sections of time around the clock. Make a customized clock that will go well with the decor of a particular room in your home.

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Bulletin Board

Use foamboard for making a bulletin board. It is a necessity of every school, office and even home. Cover it with fabric and hang it on the wall. You can also put a frame around it to make it more finished. The best thing about these boards is that you can stick pushpins right into the foamcore.  Using a 3/8” thick piece of board will ensure that the pin will not penetrate through to the other side of the board exposing the point. You can also build a bulletin board that suits your home’s decor. Put one in your child’s bedroom and one in the kitchen for the family to use for communication. You can use this material in your office or personal space to display photos and notes to yourself.

These are some of the applications of this superbly adaptable material. At, these foamboards are available at the best prices, including variety for multiple uses.