Adorn a Bedroom Wall with a Simple DIY Foamboard Craft

Foamboard has all-encompassing properties that makes it a perfect choice for a wide range of applications, including commercial and non-commercial projects. It is light weight, long-lasting, versatile, and available in various sizes. You can get it in any size and thickness, according to your requirements. 

Foamboard is the preferred material for DIY crafts owing to its easy availability; usage is quite easy and inexpensive. If you are looking to adorn a wall of your bedroom with a simple and elegant craft, foamboard and a little bit of creativity is all you need.

Here’s the step-by-step process to make beautiful wall decorations using foamboard the easy way-

Choose the right foamboard

First of all, start by choosing the right board per the project needs. There are a number of types available:  gator board, self-adhesive foamboard, sintra PVC and more. Depending on the project type and how you plan to use execute it, you need to select the right foamboard. There is a wide variety available on the market these days to suit your needs and budget.  The thicker the foamboard, the more durable it is, and the better it can with stand handling.  It can be a suitable material to be used for paintings on walls. A thinner board might be ideal if you don't plan to transport the painting, or if you plan to secure it in a frame.

For this bedroom wall decoration project, consider using colored foamboard; choose those that go well with your interior. 

Cut the material

After choosing the right material for your project, the next step is to cut the material into the desired shapes and sizes. Remember, when it comes to shaping the material, make use of the right cutting tools. As you know, for every project- be it a decorative item for your home or commercial application - cutting foamboard correctly is important. A smooth finish is always needed; so get the right cutting tools and avoid uneven edges.

Paint the board

The material should not be primed; instead, consider water-based paints on your foamboard. Painting it is easy: but try not to add too much water to the paint as it might get wet and the outer layer of the foamboard may not handle it. Next, add a matte or gloss medium to make the paint slightly thinner and then permit each layer to dry well before applying the next layer. This will help you attain a neat finish with even colors.

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A warning: you need to be very careful when painting foamboard. Get the right brushes and let your creativity flow. With colored foamboard, you need to be extra careful about matching paints and deciding which color goes well with your board.

Adhering to these steps will help you create a wonderful foamboard craft project. You can get quality foamboard at paint according to your imagination. We offer premium quality foamboard at highly competitive prices.

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