Foamboard Craft- It’s Artistic and Innovative if You do it Right

Foamboard properties- such as lightweight, versatility, sturdiness - make it a preferred material for both commercial and non-commercial applications. It is an ideal backing material for arts and crafts projects, mounting pictures, interior decorative pieces and more.

The materialis a quick and inexpensive answer for those looking for temporary solutions on a budget or creative minds looking for quick and easy craft projects. It is perfect for DIY and quick fixes.

Here are a few ways that illustrate why foamboard is one of the most practical and preferred project materials these days-

Decorative wallpapers- Mount your favorite paste-only wallpaper in a bedroom, living area, etc. is a common issue in the minds of people wanting something temporary.  Foamboard is your answer. You can mount your favorite wallpaper and pictures in the best possible way. If there’s a print you adore, foamboard can help you get the look. Later you can change it out.

Add style and elegance to bookcases- How about making those dull, boring bookcases bright and colorful? Your creative instincts, foamboard and some favorite paints will help you add pattern and color to your shelves. If you do not want to paint designs on the walls of your home permanently, this method is ideal to add style. Also, if you don’t like your kitchen cabinets, you can remove the doors and use foamboard for cabinet backs and adorn them for a bright and fun kind of open shelving. 

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Hanging curtains- For those who don’t like to spend money on wood or want to deal with tools,you can have adorable hanging curtains in your homes; foamboard comes out as the best solution. The material is very convenient to work with and can be easily cut into different shapes using the right cutting tools.

If you are looking for a perfect material for DIY arts and crafts projects or quick fixes at home, foamboard is ideal. You can easily get the finest quality foamboard at We offer the best quality and materials and substrates at competitive prices.

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