PVC Foamboard is an Ideal Choice for Modern-Day Needs. Learn Why!

Undoubtedly, foamboard has emerged as the perfect material for both commercial and non-commercial applications. It is considered the best material for arts and crafts projects, home decorations, advertisement boards, etc. It is an easy to use material available in a variety of types at a cost-effective price.

PVC foamboard is increasingly gaining popularity owing to its valued traits. It is a lightweight, rigid material and an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its composition is polyvinyl chloride. Immune to rain and resistant to wind and sunlight, the material is highly preferred for signs and displays. 

Here are a few reasons why PVC foamboard makes an ideal choice-

Durable and sturdy- No matter that it is light in weight, PVC is a durable and sturdy material highly preferred in the construction industry. The biggest reason why PVC foamboard is preferred as a building material is its chemical stability, and anti-corrosive and high intensive properties. Moreover, it can survive for more than 40 years, as revealed in a recent study.

Fire resistant- PVC foam sheets are fire resistant and will not burn when the source of ignition is removed which is a major reason why the substrate is preferred over other materials.

Easy processing- PVC is very convenient to work with: easy to cut, shape and fix. With the help of the right cutting tools, you can very easily cut the material into different shapes. It is one material that is corrosion-free, and doesn’t react to most chemicals, shocks or weathering. It makes a perfect choice for both outdoor and indoor usage.

Cost-effective- One of the most important reasons to choose PVC sheets for DIY projects is their cost-effective nature. Using a PVC foam sheet will cut down on costs including the smoothing process, drying, maintenance, and more. When the material is cut with a blade, it doesn’t create any dust. In short, it is quite cost effective.

Easy to paint- For those who want to get creative and adorn their interiors, PVC foamboard is ideal. You can very easily apply paint to the outer surface of the substrate. The paint will glide smoothly and there will be no issues at all. In addition, PVC sheets are bug resistant which means they will not be affected by insects inside or out.

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Owing to its beneficial features, this substrate is largely used in a number of applications such as business advertising, college presentations, decorative pieces, etc. The material is highly preferred for screen printing, advertising and computer lettering. Also, it is used for making signs, display panels, labeling and in the board industry.

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