Tips to Make a Perfect Gift Box Using Foamboard

If a special occasion, birthday, or anniversary is approaching and you’re all exhausted trying to figure out the perfect gift for a loved one, here is a winning suggestion! A handmade gift! 

When you put your own efforts into creating a gift, it is always the perfect way to show your feelings to the one you love! DIY gifts for a special day, like a foamboard gift box, usually take a bit of extra effort to get good results, and it’s worth it. 

So, let’s get started and see how you can get this done:

•    Gather the Supplies 
To make a lovely gift box for your special someone, first gather all the supplies beforehand to avoid hassle later. You’ll need:
-    Foamboard
-    Colored paper (In case your foamboard is white)
-    A ruler
-    Glue
-    The right cutting tools
-    Pencil or marker
-    Scissors
-    Decorative craft supplies

•    Mark the Measurements and Cut

With a pencil or a marker, place the measurements on the board for the size box you want. You can seek help from the Web as there are a number of gift box templates available. You can take one, get it printed, and use it as a stencil on your board.

Keep in mind the right measurements and use a ruler for marking if you don’t have templates on hand. Be creative when it comes to picking a shape or design for the box.

After you’re done measuring the board with the marks, you need to cut it to make the box in the required size. Make sure you use the right cutting tools to cut the foamboard for better edges.

After you produce all the pieces for your gift box, you can paste colored paper on each one in case you haven’t used colored foamboard.

•    Paste the Pieces Together

With the help of glue, paste all the cut pieces to make the box. If you’ve used a big, foldable template, carefully fold it into the desired form. For this, you might need a colored foamboard with less thickness, so it can be folded easily. 

•    Start Decorating

After the board pieces dry and adhere together, have fun and start decorating the box. You can be creative with shaped cutouts, ribbons, and what not! 

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Make the box look special for the one you love and put your gift inside. You can also stick a note on the top to make it even better.

With this step-by-step process, you can create an adorable foamboard gift box for your loved ones and take them by surprise!

Choosing foamboard over any other material for the creation of a custom gift box can be the best call! This is because it is one of the greatest materials available, used for a multitude of purposes.

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