Working with Foamboard? Know the Types, Applications and Scope

Are you looking for a material to mount pictures, display graphics, or get creative? Foamboard is your best bet. It is the most versatile material available, considered a preferred choice for a variety of commercial as well as domestic purposes. 

The substrate features a host of favorable properties- lightweight, sturdiness, versatility, durability and long-lasting. It is very convenient to work with and can be easily cut into different shapes with the help of the right cutting tools. 

There is a wide variety of foamboards on the market these days and you can choose the one that perfectly suits your needs. Here are some of the most widely used that are high in quality and feature durability, sturdiness yet are light in weight-

Gator Foamboard- It is a sturdy, heavy duty yet versatile board used for a number of purposes. Featuring durability, the material incorporates both hard and smooth surfaces that are uniform and blemish-free. It is an excellent product to explore your creativity, and it is often called creator’s delight. The substrate is great for digital and screen printing.

Gatorfoam board is an extruded polystyrene foamboard bonded between two layers of Luxcell wood-fiber veneer. The material is the preferred choice for mounting, exhibits and presentations. The board is available in black, white, and a natural finish. However, the substrate isn’t recommended for outdoor use. 

Acid-free Foamboard- If you are a professional photographer, artist, or craftsman, concerned about preserving your work, acid-free foamboard is your choice. The material provides the best protection and is very easy to handle. It provides an acid-free barrier between the mounting board and the artwork.

The substrate makes a great choice for mounting pictures and displaying artwork. The material is easy to work with and can be cut into different shapes.

Self –Adhesive Foamboard- It is the best pick for indoor and temporary use. The substrate is lightweight and inexpensive. Though the material is strong and sturdy, it cannot bear rough handling. This is the reason why it doesn’t make the best choice for outdoor use.As a benefit, it features an acid-free adhesive and is chemically inert. 

Its self-adhesive nature makes it ideal for photo mounting projects. If you are looking for a material to adorn your interior with family pictures, it is the right pick.

Pressure-Sensitive Sintra PVC Board- Lightweight, sturdy, durable and resistant to dents, the material is great for outdoor use. Also, the board has the ability to bend slightly which makes it a desirable material for craft projects. 

Flame-Resistant Foamboard- As the name suggests, flame-resistant foamboard is designed to self-extinguish when the source of ignition is removed. This foamboard is thus the perfect option for trade shows and exhibitions where local fire codes stipulate the use of flame-resistant foamboard.

In addition to the above-mentioned foamboard types, there are a number of other foamboards readily available at inexpensive prices. Depending on your project needs, you can select the right foamboard for you. Get the finest quality foamboards at

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