Creative Cravings? Foamboard is Your Ideal Choice

Foamboard is a fabulous material that can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. It is lightweight, strong, and durable.

Whether you need to mount graphics, pictures, or create frames, using a quality material that can hold your piece together well is the right choice. There are endless options to show your creativity with foamboard.

The substrate is available in a variety of types including colored foamboard, Sintra PVC, Gatorfoam, self-adhesive foamboard, and more. Self-adhesive board is the perfect choice when cold-mounting photos and artwork onto foamboard.

Gatorfoam is a heavy duty yet versatile type that is great for everything. It is the perfect choice for digital and screen printing.

Here are a few fun and creative ideas for using foamboard creatively:

Craft projects- Foamboard is a robust material that helps accomplish a wide range of DIY craft project. It is available in a plain, heat-activated, self-adhesive, and acid-free version. Acid-free boards are used for scrapbooking projects without causing harm to the photos or souvenirs. If a project demands a thick and sturdy material, this is an exceptional alternative that can add dimension and elegance. 

Wall Art- If you are looking for ways to enhance the grace of your home interior, foamboard wall art is your ideal choice. It will add elegance and appeal to your space. So, make beautiful wall art on foamboard to augment your home’s stylish look and feel. You can also make photo frames with it to keep your lovely moments alive forever.

Holiday Decorations- Foamcore is the best material for holiday decorations. It is a pocketbook-friendly way to decorate your space for the holiday season. Simply cut out shapes suitable for a specific holiday and paint or draw on the foamboard to make something cheerful.

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Wall Clocks- Foamboard is a versatile material that helps you create incredibly amazing arts and crafts projects. You can make an attractive clock for your home with the help of foamboard. All you will need is a battery pack attached to clock arms. Drill a hole through the foamcore, put the arms through the hole, and attach the battery pack to the back to make a working clock. Explore your creativity and make the wall clock attractive by adding a few embellishments.

Bulletin Board- Use foamcore to make a bulletin board for your home, school, or workplace. Cover it with fabric and hang it on the wall. Give a more refined look by putting a frame around it. The best thing about foamboard is that you can easily stick pushpins into it. You can create a bulletin board using foamboard for your office or personal space to display photos and notes to yourself. 

With foamboard, creativity has no limit. You can create an ample amount of arts and crafts projects with its help. Get quality foamboard at We offer a wide variety of foamboard at highly competitive prices. You can use the material to accomplish all your personal and professional needs.

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