Explore Your Child’s Creativity with Foamboard Craft Projects

Foamboard is the perfect material for creative young minds. Easily available and simple to work with, foamboard lets your kids explore their imaginations. Foamboard craft projects can be created in minutes, leading to hours of fun.

Categorized as a strong and durable material, foamboard will serve numerous craft projects. It is a versatile and cost-effective material that is ideal for numerous personal uses. You can make DIY crafts, including wall hangings, photo frames and models. It can also be used for commercial purposes. Many advertising agencies use foamboard for display posters.

The substrate is available in a variety of types including colored foamboard, Sintra PVC, Gatorfoam, self-adhesive foamboard, and more. Self-adhesive is the perfect choice when cold-mounting photos and artwork onto foamboard. This foamboard features acid-free adhesive and is chemically inert. It comes in one or two-sided pressure-sensitive board. You just need to peel and stick.

Sintra PVC is a very durable foam sheet designed for photo mounting, display construction, and a variety of other uses. It is also available with a self-adhesive peel-and-stick film for mounting. 

Based on your project needs, you can choose the right foamboard for your craft project. Here are a few fun ideas for foamboard craft projects:

Play-Food Craft- Making play-food is a wonderful idea for children to get creative with foamboard. You will need white and colored foam sheets, the right cutting tools, a ruler, and a marker. Using the ruler and marker, draw the shape of your desired food item. Here, we are creating a yummy-looking sandwich. First, we cut the material into the desired shapes like a rectangle for bread, a circle for the tomato, a square for cheese, and a circle for meat. All these ingredients will help you create a realistic sandwich like this. 

Foamboard Garden Stakes- Let a fun foamboard craft project get educational for the kids. Making these foam garden stakes will help your children memorize fruit and vegetable names. Cut the substrate into the desired shapes using the right cutting tools. Assemble, glue, and let dry. Glue the shapes onto wooden craft sticks. Also, you can use these 1garden stakes to enliven up your potted plants or outdoor flowerbeds.  
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