Get Better with Your Craft Projects with Foamboard: Easily Available at Affordable Prices

Whether you are looking for a material to mount graphics, pictures or frames, using a quality surface that holds the piece together is important.

You need a material that is easily available, simple to work with, and offers high durability. Foamboard is your best choice!

Foamboard is a lightweight, durable yet versatile material used for a plethora of both personal and professional project needs. Due to its adoptable nature and all-encompassing features, foamcore is preferred for business advertisements, arts and crafts projects, and just about anything you want to create.

It is very convenient to work with and can be easily cut into different shapes using the right cutting tools. All these characteristics make it a top pick for various commercial and personal uses.

There are different kinds of foamboard such as colored board, acid-free foamboard, Sintra PVC, Gatorfoam, self-adhesive acid-free, JetMount, and more. 

Sintra PVC is durable and makes an excellent choice for photo mounting, display construction, and a number of other uses. It available with a self-adhesive peel and stick film for mounting. You just need to peel and mount. Nothing easier!

Next, acid-free foamboard is an excellent choice for conservation framing. The substrate provides an acid-free barrier between the mounting board and artwork. It has the same memory and rigidity as standard foamboard with memory.

Self-adhesive acid-free foamboard is one material widely preferred for conservation framing. The board comes as a self-adhesive material, which you just need to peel and mount.

Depending on your project needs, you can choose a particular product type. Foamboard is long known for its versatile nature; you just need to get the project details, some quality foamcore and start your work.

Use any particular type as your project demands. While cutting foamboard, it is essential to use the right tools to get even edges and desired shapes. Different tools are used to shape and modify the board to its maximum potential, such as FoamWerks, Olfa Knife, Fletcher Substrate cutters, perimeter trim and lineal, panel connectors, edge trims, spray adhesives and tape. 

Cutting foamcore to perfection is important because only then will you be able to get a smooth finish. So, be sure to make use of the right cutting tools and get clean edges. 
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Today, foamboard is widely used because of its flexible and durable nature. Its variations are responsible for great results in a variety of different applications.

It can be extensively useful in the advertisement industry due to its flexible and long-lasting features, making it an ideal option for mounting photographs and posters of all kinds. Some of its common uses include DIY craft projects, backing surfaces, posters, displays, photographic mounting, display production, and an endless list of possibilities.

The only thing to remember is get quality foamboard for your project needs. You can get the best-quality foamboard at

We offer excellent-quality foamboard in different types at competitive prices. Some of the common choices include colored boards, acid-free foamboard, Sintra PVC, Gatorfoam, self-adhesive acid-free, JetMount and more. In addition, we provide the tools and accessories for any project accomplishment. The right cutting tools will help you get a smooth finish.

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